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Dear Aspiring students and future Amritians, ignore any negative feedback about Amrita School of Business Bangalore, As i could see one of the alumni giving a negative feedback, which is not true at all. I was not in top of my batch academically, but still the encouragement and support  I got from faculties @ ASB Bangalore, made me reach the top of placements, I managed to get the highest package and got placed in Dubai, I would have not got this confidence and support if I had not been in ASB Bangalore. The faculties @ ASB Bangalore are world class and MS course is one of the best in India. I promise ASB Bangalore will be a experience which will enrich you in lot of ways. 

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@prashant19 Just because one guy got placed well does not mean the whole Batch got Justice. I have nothing Against ASB. But Fleecing students with a MS-MBA, the worth of which is highly questionable is a bit much.

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I don't think this guy got a good job. We should know the company and the job profile to judge  on that! Why is no one answering??! 

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