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PERSONAL ATTENTION:The unique Mentor-Mentee Concept at Amity ensures a constant interaction between the faculty and the students. A faculty member is assigned to a group of 5-6 students to counsel them on their academic and personal concerns. Th...

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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.......

                                                                                                                                               T.S. Eliot.

Academic Incubators in Business Schools are essential for fueling innovation, creativity and decision-making among the students leading to increased university-industry collaboration, entrepreneurial exploration and job creation. Academic Incubators are designed to help students develop the resources to overcome the odds of business failure. The aim is to prepare students to operate in complex business environment, to participate in family-owned businesses, to establish their own business as first generation entrepreneurs, or to contribute as Intrapreneur's within existing business organizations.


Amity Entrepreneurship Cell, Lucknow facilitates interaction between Entrepreneurs and students community, thereby aiming to help student Start-up through regular workshops, guest lectures, seminars, conferences as well as its annual B-Plan competition-Idea 2 Business.


Students of Business Schools with incubators have an advantage of joining a startup or launching their own enterprise. Student Internship Program at Amity offers unique internship program to students to get exposed to the process of Entrepreneurship via live internships with the Incubatee companies for a rewarding career.


Amity Innovation Incubator also offers incubation facilities to various students from different majors like MBA, Comp. Sc., Electronics, Aerospace, Biotech, and Mechanical etc. While in Incubation, the students can avail various facilities of the incubator. Students also get an opportunity to meet the mentors during various mentoring sessions and learn the know-how of Company Incorporation, Business model validation, Market strategy formulation, team building skills etc.  

Some of the Incubatee companies of Amity Innovation Incubator are listed below:

Apna Circle Infotech Pvt. Ltd founded by Yogesh Bansal is the fastest growing professional networking site recently merged with the world's No.2 networking company Viadeo with a user base of seven million.

Marksman Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an emerging e-learning company with an excellent product called BuzzboardTM  and clients such as, CDAC, Amity.

HEURISTICS Info Systems Pvt. Ltd is an extensive experience in GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and Mobile Based Personnel Tracking Solutions which has made Heuristics Info Systems Pvt. Ltd, a leading company in the field of location-based products, solutions and services.  

CONS e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd develops software for the Recruitment Space for more than 50 clients from India and abroad.

Anduril Technologies provides products and services in the scalable technology solutions to Micro finance Institutes including Mifos utilized by Grameen Koota Bank.

 CircuitSutra Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides SystemC modeling services to a worldwide customer base ranging from small to the top ten semiconductor companies in partnership with all the key players in the ESL ecosystem.

Dr Shaili Vadera, Ph.D, NET, PGDBM, M.A. (Eco)

Assistant Professor,

Amity Business School
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Amity University lucknow campus is the best university in india.

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MBA Final Placements Report 2014-16 Batch Amity University

Madhya Pradesh (AUMP) has successfully completed placements for the 4 th Batch of MBA 2014-2016.

Amity Business School (ABS) has secured 100% placements for all those who registered for the campus recruitment process this year.

Raychem RPG, a leading engineering product & services company of the world, offered the highest CTC of INR. 7.00 Lac PA, to Mr. Stanlin Jhonson a MBA (IB & Marketing) student. Similarly, CTC of INR. 6.50 Lac PA was offered by MAGNASOFT in same batch to Ms. Baisakhi Banerjee, while the average CTC package across the board was INR. 4.20 Lac PA.

CapVision doled out maximum 12 job offers while 99 and Ceasefire Industries recruited 7 and 4 students respectively.

Other companies that visited AUMP campus were Axis Bank, Café Coffee Day, EPIC Research, Jaro Education, XL Dynamics, Magnasoft, Asahi Glasses, Vodafone, Exide Life Insurance, HG Infrastructure, Bridgestone India Limited, Capital Via, .

Some of the roles offered include Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Strategic Marketing, Area Sales Manager, Management Trainee, Market Research Analyst and Research Associate.

The maximum number of offers (67%) were made in Sales & Marketing Domain, 10% were made in HR and 23% offers were made in Finance domain.

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National Conference on Society and Well-being

04 APRIL 2016

Chief-guest- Ms. Sutapa Sanyal (DGP, Mahila Samman Prakoshth and Human Rights

Keynote address: Prof. Shailendra Singh (IIM, Lucknow)

Invited Lectures: Dr Suneet Verma, Associate Professor, University of Delhi (Onenness and well being ) and Dr. Vinod Chandra, Associate Professor, JNPG College, University of Lucknow (Youth and Well being).

Academic Outcome

The one day National conference contributed to our understanding of well being and society and other ideologies related to well being through Keynote speech and invited speeches by experts in the field of Psychology and Sociology.

The conference helped to bring together distinguished delegates and researchers from in and outside Lucknow, through paper presentations by students and faculty.

Prof. Shailendra Singh, Senior faculty of IIM, Lucknow (One of the premier IIMs) showed interests in project collaborations with AIBAS. He agreed to be the member of Advisory Board of the upcoming conference. Professor Singh was the past president of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India.

The Conference helped establish rapport with psychologists and psychiatrists in Delhi University, IIM Lucknow, and hospitals like Noormanzil, and KGMU Lucknow.

Student related outcomes:

This conference was particularly organized for the students and this very purpose was actually achieved.

-It provided a platform to the students to showcase their high quality dissertation work.

- The topic of the conference was relevant to the studies of the students

- Helped increase their knowledge and experience

- Increased the confidence of AIBAS students

- provided inputs for their current research papers

- provided a platform to BA, MA CP and MA Clinical Students to present high quality dissertation work

-Most of the final year students (BA, MA CP and MA Clinical Students) not only made meaningful presentations but also learnt how to manage an event of academic nature.

-Students got benefited by enlightening lectures of prolific speakers invited from various universities and from various disciplines namely Psychology, Sociology, Management and Social Work.

 An analysis of the feedback of the participants on a five point rating scale

The analysis shows that the mean of the scores given by students was higher that 4.40 on a 5 point rating scale on all the questions. AIBAS students and other participants felt highly about the relevance of the conference to their studies, their life, and wished that such programs would continue to take place, since they help increase their knowledge as well as their academic and personal skills.
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Student with ABS, Lucknow

When I started my course with Amity Business School, Lucknow, I was looking for an all-round development as my college experience. After completing three years of graduation here, I can say this with utmost certainty that, Amity provides just that for every student.

During my degree, we were constantly kept on our toes with practical assignments, group presentations and class discussions. The theoretical lectures were aptly complemented with class interactions and case studies being discussed as a part of the curriculum.

The faculty at ABS is both competent and qualified professors, and also warm & friendly educators that guided me throughout my three years here; be it solving course related queries or imparting career advice. The mentor-mentee program, where every student is assigned a member of the faculty as their mentor to provide for their well-being during their course at Amity, is an exceptional initiative by the University that proved beneficial for all scared first years.

Being a business student, I had the opportunity to take part in the management of the various national and inter-university seminars and events that take place in ABS all year round. Also, during the college annual festival - 'Amiphoria' the events organized by ABS give ample opportunities to students to excel in extra-curricular activities too. I participated in 'Namaste Business' (An entrepreneur setup competition) and the 'Corporate Quiz' in my first year. I was the coordinator of an event, 'Prism: Bharat Ka Badalta Chehra' (Cultural event) in my third year.

The additional subjects, which ABS provides to its students, furthermore extend their preparation to create the edge in their career profiles. Subjects like French, Communication Skills, Behavioral Science and a certificate course in Public Speaking have made my learning more exclusive and made me a confident, global professional.

Another distinctive component of ABS was the 'Yukti Club' founded by my batch coordinator Dr.Richa Raghuvanshi who encouraged me into embracing my extra-curricular aptitude as I hosted several events, handled the official blog and dealt with the media coverage of the events. The club also helped in enhancing my managerial skills through the management of the annual events of the club. The club also inculcated in us the importance of being responsible citizens, through the Environment Day drive, donations to various NGOs and much more.

Amity is a boon for students ; it gives students like us the opportunity to be a part of a truly international level Business School. I shall remain a proud alumnus of Amity Business School and cherish my time spent here always.
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By Dr khushboo agnihotri

Assistant professor, amity university


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This quote is heard 'n' number of times but what it fails to teach is how to take the preliminary step. Your way to the top starts with creating a successful career plan. In order to navigate your way to success, it is necessary to construct a game plan. The problem with finding your way to the top is not how to get there; there is a long gestation period. Instead of going full-speed ahead and grabbing every job opportunity thrown at your way, it is suggested to slow down and take your time to figure out your long-term goal.

Following are some of the tips to Help You Start a Successful Game Plan:

1. Build Your Network: Building both your personal and professional network can help you freeze your game plan. The testimonials of people around you will prove helpful in forging relationships with your employers. Whether you are planning to continue with your current work or switching over to a different industry altogether, the power of the connections you make will help you get to where you want to be sooner.

2. Enhance Your Skill Sets: Work on improving your existing skill sets or opt to learn new ones. Employers will always look forward to what you bring in the firm. Enhance your importance in the market place by updating or adding new talents to your portfolio.

3. Appropriate balance between Personal-Professional Relationships: Promotion in the corporate world is important but don't let it affect personal life. Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional responsibilities thereby never put the relationships you've made in jeopardy.

4. Self-Realization- Understanding your own individuality will give an uplift in fulfilling your successful career plan. For this you can go for free personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Test, The Kiersey Temperament sorter and the DISC profile. Each personality test is followed with advice as to which career would suit your personality. Understanding yourself will help direct you in making a successful career plan that is aligned with your personality trait.

5. Dream Big: Always dream big to achieve big results. There will be disappointments, interruptions, and setbacks along the way and distract you and that will result in your downfall. There is nothing wrong in setting high goals. Whenever you feel like you're losing your focus and getting distracted, look back at your dream goals to come back on your track.

6. Maintain a Positive Attitude: One of the imperative keys in achieving a successful career is to have a positive attitude. Attitude plays an important role in assisting in reaching to the top. Hard work, high goals and positive attitude are important ingredients of a successful career. Maintaining a positive attitude will help you prevent you from going into depression having feelings of helplessness when something goes wrong.

7. Wholeheartedness- Once you have set your career plan, the final march is towards implementing it passionately. You should never give up. Keep moving. Don't let uncertainty hamper your decision. Push forward, continue with your vision and implement your strategy according to your plans.

The key to ensuring a successful career depends on your commitment and dedication. Following steps in formulating a successful career plan will help you achieve your career goals more rapidly.
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How me became "I"

A timid girl stepped out of the car gazing at the marvellous and magnificent building. She was scared to even enter into a place where nobody knew her, where she had to deal with all her problems all by herself and strive hard to make her presence amongst all. And that timid little girl is no one but me, who stands out to be a confident young lady who is known, loved and caressed by all. My transformation from an immature girl to a mature lady was only possible because of the institution I was fortunate to study at.

My parents my foundation, Amity became the pillar of support. I was a part of Amity Business School and I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Hons) from here. My teachers were always eager to answer all my queries. They were ready to solve all my problems be it inside or outside the classrooms. Apart from the excellent mentoring that received in my studies all of my talents were properly nurtured and showcased at all possible times. I became part of so many seminars and talk shows with eminent speakers and well known faces of the Indian society. The many quizzes, writing, debates, extempore competitions that I participated and hosted were truly remarkable. The annual carnivals and festivals were the best times when I was able to show all my love and passion for music and dance.

Like a good gardener takes care of the seed that he sows Amity nurtured me in the same way. Just as the little sapling sees many seasons and the gardener takes all possible measures to protect it and help it grow into a beautiful plant which is able to bear wonderful fruits and flowers. I went through many situations and faced many hurdles but my faculty just as the gardener, protected me from anything and everything that could harm me. At the end of it my basket is filled with all kinds of fruits some are sweet and some are sour each with its own speciality and goodness. I made wonderful memories. I had amazing and life time experiences. I made everlasting relationships, all in a simply amazing journey of three years.
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Life at Amity :- By Aishwarya

"The choice we make, makes us what we are." True enough , as the paradigm of my life saw its turnover from being a teenager to a scholar ,from studies to ambitions. The day i stepped in Amity 1/08/12 it started teaching and imparting what it takes to be "something" with a hand on difference. After entering this academic organization i myself found a change in me. The different roles which i played here on the forum of amity helped me to explore myself,to enhance myself and thus converting myself into a well nurtured well being. What the caterpillar calls the end the world calls it a butterfly. As the cocoon opens a door to an ocean of opportunity the same way amity has to me.I have gained the will to pursue and the desire ,passion to learn and to be better day by day. Teachers over here had been the greatest adviser to me. They have always been a blue bacon for me in the darkness. Amity has given me an academic environment by providing numerous varied subjects to study.Its system of opting for open electives gave us a chance to know ,learn about any fields irrespective of ours which i think is not available anywhere else. I have imbibed good leadership skills,linguistic skills by grabbing opportunities in participating seminars, conferences. Apart from all this Amity has given me platform to expose my talent.The great grand sports meet enabled me to participate in athletics and i won gold which further enabled me to play inter institution meet held in Amity Noida. The cultural event over here "Amiphoria" has again been a source for me to explore my talent . I participated in the hunt for Miss & Mr. Amity which required various skills including aptitude & fashion. I represented my business department and walked the ramp which enabled me to face the outerworld more confidently and beautifully. I won the title of Miss Amity 2015 and was crowned by a sparkling jeweled diadem which again been the most memorable achievement of my life. In the end I can only state that today after three years time I can see a drastic change in myself what i was when i entered here after my schools and what i am today. A confident ,multi talented versatile girl who is ready to face any sort of challenges of life. All because of Amity and its fraternity. This is what i learnt and taking back from this college. Thank you Amity .

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The journey of my pursuit of an MBA degree at Amity University has been an enriching experience. Amity for me has been a plethora of opportunities, both academic as well as co curricular. The academic environment at Amity provides a holistic grooming, helping students to discover their strengths, overcome their fears and step into the world as smart and confident professionals. The teaching and non teaching staff at Amity with their care, nurturing and constant support, have polished my academic skills and have ingrained in me good leadership skills and communication skills by giving me opportunities to participate in various seminars, conferences, workshops and other academic and non academic events.

To know more about life@ Amity Lucknow please click here

Apart from giving me experiential learning in academics, Amity has provided me numerous platforms to display my talents and capabilities. I have always had keen interest in sports activities and the supportive environment at Amity has been an encouragement and motivation for me to participate in sports activities and win numerous accolades. Being selected as the sports captain of Amity Business School and winning gold, silver and bronze medals in sports like basket ball and volleyball have been great achievements for me. Representing the college as the student head of Amiphoria, the annual curtural festival of the college, has been one of the most memorable experience of my life. Lastly, I am thankful to Amity University for providing me a promising placement at Idea, Aditya Birla Group.  Success is not only defined by winning awards but the efforts, hard work and perseverance that are put to achieve success. This is what Amity students get to learn and imbibe on their voyage to success.


MBA (G) (2013-15)


To post any queries regarding admissions@ Amity Lucknow, please click here

To read more such articles from Amity Lucknow, please click here
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             M is King - M for Mobile, Market, Money & eventually

                                         M for Marketing

We live in a world of cutting edge technologies and innovation . As a matter of fact what can update and innovate and change itself as per the need remains and rest all perishes  gradually . In such a dynamic world place the concept of business and the environment surrounding it is having very different paradigms today .

Amongst the various business verticals it is very interesting to see the transformation of the marketing vertical . There were times when mainly people went for shopping as per traditional ways and marketers strictly followed the traditional norms of wooing the customer and the end consumer.

But now there is rotational shift in the thought process of customers and thus the marketers as well .

Buying is no more a distinct and exclusive process. It can be done at any point of time or to say at all point of time depending on our rational or impulsive cognitive process .

With a click of we can fulfill our needs and wants. Online Shopping verticals and E Commerce ventures have totally transformed the marketing concept . People like Sachin Bansal of Flipkart , Pranay Chulet of Quikr , Ashish Goel of Urban Ladder , Ankit Khanna of Snapdeal , Vijay Shekhar of Paytm to name a few have totally innovated and revolutionized the marketing ways and have given enough silent lessons  to big honcos of marketing world .  Joining the band wagon even the glittery bollywood is making hay in the sunshine. Online labels is the latest bollywood fashion . Stars co create , lend names to fashion labels as huge fan base offers high volumes of business opportunity. Shahrukh Khan with YepMe , Aamir Khan with SnapDeal , Hritik Roshan with Myntra , Alia Bhat with Jabong , Shraddha Kapoor with Amazon , etc are few celebrities associated for helping increase the valet size and volume base of the said companies.

The latest innovation in marketing order is the increasing use of mobiles in marketplace. It is amazing to know that approx half the online transactions on the ecommerce ventures are via mobiles . If we consider the figures of mobile online transactions the business accrued from mobiles for Flipkart is over 50% , Quikr over 70% , SnapDeal over 70% , Urban Ladder over 33%, Paytm over 90% to name a few . Consumers are switching from online broadband usage to online mobile usage .In the year 2010 the consumer base of broadband was 10.7 million whereas mobile usage was a meager 2.00 million , in 2012 the broadband usage was grew slowly to 20 million whereas mobile usage shot up to 51 million and by 2014 end  the figures show a transformation broadband usage crawls to 32.4 milllion whereas mobile usage exponentially grows to 196million  and is projected to touch 290 million users by end of 2015. It is also projected that there would be 125 million online buyers in India by 2019 end. Its apparent without innovation broadband online usage is gradually fizzling away and with continuing innovations mobile online usage is sizzling like a oven fresh sizzler .

Lastly to sum up innovation is the key driver to the market place. With 4G technology at the doors , mobile online usage would be the key to core marketing strategy and to goldmine the massive Indian marketplace . It's the beginning let's see it grow.


Dr Himanshu Mohan ,

Professor of Marketing and Program Director BBA

Amity Business School , Lucknow Campus.
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International Business in land locked nations is not as smooth as it seems, it can suffer from the pressure of a higher rate logistics as compared to other non landlocked nations, The article explores the plight of complexities involve in International business with the land locked nations because these nations have to depend on the neighboring nations for international trade and tariff. As per the study of the international institutions like WTO and the World bank such nations loose their sovereign control on the cross border transportation of goods and hence have to undergo higher transport rates imposed or bargained by adjoining nations who have greater access to sea ports and international air flights. In recent years these countries had to submissively comply with the border charges and transit regulations of the adjoining bigger nations to maintain a regular cross border supply of basic necessities.


The concept of land lock nations refer to countries which have neighboring nations bordering on all sides of their national border providing no access to sea that is the national borders being substantially covered by the geographical parameters of the adjoining neighboring nation.

According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 44 countries that are landlocked. In simplest terms, this means that these countries are devoid of coastline. This status is critical for many nations because it prevents unfettered access to the open ocean which, in turn, allows for trade with most of the countries in the world. Goods produced in a country without access to open water, for example, must always be transported through another country before traveling to their destination and this still to date remains the most critical issue for their economic development in global trade 

Few countries in the world are also double land locked, which means that they are surrounded only by other landlocked countries for example Lichtenstein and Uzbekistan. The largest landlocked country is Kazakhstan.

"The United Nation has an Office of the High Representative for the Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS). It mainly holds the view that high transport costs due to distance and terrain result in the erosion of competitive edge for exports for landlocked countries. In addition, it recognizes the constraints on landlocked countries to be mainly physical, as lack of direct access to the sea, isolation from world markets and high transit costs remain substantially high due to physical distance." 

An Inside look.

The question that comes into consideration is how possibly the rates are impacted upon? what are the WTO considerations to avoid such nations tariff volatility ? .and that whether these countries can actually use their landlocked location to their own favor ?

If we consider the case of land locked nations and their keenness to actively participate in international trade, the most important issue that comes is the degree of dependency of a country on the bordering nations for mutual trade, this dependency is not only in trading issues it can also decisively connect the overall national alliance and may result into an economic integration to benefit collectively towards the whole region, a slight uncertainty can cause severe gridlock, for example a change in the Indian democracy can also more or less effect Nepalese trade decision making prospects

"Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) face many common challenges in relation to trade. Lacking territorial access to the sea and often contending with a difficult topography and harsh climate, resulting into a high trade costs is the most common. The geographic challenges to trade are often heightened by poor infrastructure, inefficient logistics system and weak institutions, driving up transaction costs.

 Low product diversification, a greater concentration of commodity-based exports and complex procedural obstacles to trade add further layers of difficulty for LLDCs to integrate into the world trade system." Surprisingly today none of the land locked nations have a sound financial system or a global stock exchange inviting international institutional investors.

 Discussing the plight of border tariff rates of LLDCs they are not only subjected to their own national internal factors but also the Unique exogenous factor of adjoining nations transit duties. Countries lacking access to territorial access to the sea can only obtain smooth facilitation of international logistics leading towards all exports or imports only through the payment of neighboring  transit charges which subsequently impacts upon their own tariff structure. 

As mentioned earlier these countries continue to face considerable challenges inherently linked to their severe geographical handicap. " Over the past decade, the share of landlocked developing countries in world exports remained unacceptably dismal -- well below 0.6 per cent, with commodities accounting for the bulk of exports. ( UN Gen Assembly ) GA/10760, Oct 2008 edn." In the case of Mongolia, for instance, transit transport costs through Russia and China amounted up to 8 per cent of Mongolia's gross domestic product (GDP), 

All this points towards a higher goods price that the LLDCs natives have to bear  Hence, with a view to promote a comprehensive sub regional agreement designed to harmonize transit regulations and reduce transit transport costs for LLDCs, Mongolia has initiated a Tripartite Framework Agreement on Transit Transportation with its two neighbors" UN Almaty report "sounding Alarm bells. 2003

 Analyzing the bone of contention, for such nations the need of the hour is an adjustable transit system consisting of discounts by their adjoining nations which should work as a regular platform in boosting LLDCs   international trade with a good capacity building of transit corridors just to conduct a sizeable regional trade. 

 Shockingly 31 landlocked countries had a mere 0.61 per cent share of world exports, and 0.57 share of imports. Given that, they were entitled to special and adequate measures, including preferential treatment in the multilateral trading system of WTO, but despite  exclusive UN legislations, world bank funding and WTO initiatives land locked nations continue  to face economic decline

Opportunities and Constraints:

The over dependency on its neighboring nations has its own pros and cons for land locked economies, the astounding success of Swiss economy has surprised many. Switzerland being a landlocked nation has maintained a lead and has made a place among the top rich economies of the world, the country with its unique banking services and specialized brands has build up a commendable performance in global trade, also to be considered is the enormous support by the rich neighboring European nations who have provided a refined business infra support to help Switzerland maintain its lead.  

  The World Bank study looks at the opportunities and constraints for trade integration and export development in developing countries, One of the principal factors  limiting the volume of airfreight in landlock countries is the lack of significant volumes of two-way activity to facilitate air freight, landlocked countries need to improve operations at their airports and provide liberalize access for foreign airlines. The airports with surrounding other neighboring air ports can deter major airlines but strategic transport airstrips at strategic locations can be planned on bordering ports which can be outsourced too.

This is where the land locked nations have to develop and focus their resources, if air transport is good and quick with less transit times the cost factor can be still a major deterrent, the world bank report states that " The demand for air freight is limited by cost, typically priced 4-5 times that of road transport and 12-16 times that of sea transport. Air freight rates generally range from $1.50-$4.50 per kilogram, while the value of air cargo typically exceeds $4.00 per kilogram.   

(world freight potential roles in land locked countries)"

The development of rapid transit corridor to facilitate goods to neighboring nations can be one suggestion to countries like India to harmonize world trade attempt and make SAARC strong, surprisingly transport is still the major issue than tariff that causes considerable impediment to LLDCs
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