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India is a country with a lot of patriotic tales shining in its history. We are the one where the first thing that a child learns is to live for his country. The schools have a curriculum to plant patriotism in our children. But if this is true then why are the Indian students not willing to join the armed forces? Why they want to study & settle down in abroad? Why the young ones are more focused in achieving personal goals?

The Indian armed forces are lacking the youth with will & wisdom to protect the honor of the country. What should be done to encourage the youth to work towards national progress & help the country achieve its goals? Providing basic military training to the youth will result in a better and well motivated youth which can serve the country at the time of requirement. The easiest way is to incorporate it in the academic curriculums that will not only teach outdoor survival skills, improve problem solving skills, reduce recidivism but also enhance teamwork and develop leadership skills.

Taking the initiative in this direction, a 7-day undergraduate military training camp was organized by Amity University for students at Amity military college, Manesar. A total of 120 cadets attended the military camp divided into 3 platoons. The cadets were allotted tents and provided with the utensils for meals making them to imbibe the qualities of survival tactics and self dependence. The adventurous journey included rock climbing, parasailing, obstacles, firing at a shooting range of 25 m, rappelling, tracking( day and night), trip to herbal garden and many more that made the training thrilling and exciting. To inculcate the habit of participation in group activities and group discussions activities like tug of war and debate competitions were also organized. The cadets and faculty found themselves drawn into the expedition in a visceral way through various guest lectures. These sessions arose a feeling of patriotism in every heart reminding us of our responsibilities and duty towards our nation. Various fun activities like dog show, movie shows and DJ night kept the environment light and filled students with positive energy.

Such adventure learning programs provide heightened motivation, excitement, community- building, real-world understanding, and learner participation. Teachers and students alike become engaged in learning in a new and impactful way as they follow along with the adventures of the team. They also found themselves engaged with the issues that are raised, and collaborate to craft new ways to contribute to solve issues. Such activities and training camps will not only inculcate an essence of camaraderie and brotherhood amongst the students but will also bring in synergy and make students understand the work ethos.

The programs like National Cadet Corps (NCC) & National Scout & Guide should be practiced at large scale in all the institutions. The academic curriculum should be amended accordingly to include such training camps from the grass root level. This will definitely help in motivating the youth to join the armed forces that are in real need of youth in all the ranks.

Amita Chourasiya


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