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Nowadays when the whole world is growing in terms of technology, the academics is also not an exception.

With rapid developments in information technology (IT), most university students demand more use of IT in their education for two main reasons:

(1) it helps the course material be presented in a more comprehensible way;

(2) it gives them familiarity with the high-tech tools they might be expected to use in their future careers after graduation.

Some universities have already started making changes to their curricula and making arrangements to be more inviting to students by introducing new methods of education such as field trips to big companies, and inviting representatives from such companies to give seminars as part of the curricula so that the students are exposed to practical career scenarios. Most of the classes are held in computer labs and the topic of the lecture can be immediately simulated, programmed, or demonstrated on computers. Especially Management studies, which teaches students to work in the business environment.

Management includes several departments finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Information technology etc. And now when everything is becoming computerized nobody wants to work manually, neither company wants their system to be manual. In this scenario the management students have been taught to use Information technology as a base to work in any organization and in any department of it.

Several companies use Oracle as a base for keeping their databases intact, employee needs to insert, update and track their information through these database software's. Therefore students have been taught in their management course the importance of databases, how to use it and how to manage data through these database software's. Finance, Marketing, Economics student's studies different calculation in SPSS, MS Excel etc. HR and other subject's students learn how to keep data in tables and how to retrieve it efficiently.

As in corporate the employees need to give presentation in front of their superiors or co-workers, same it has been taught to the management students by using different features of MS-Office to work more efficiently with the numerical as well as with the theoretical data. Using internet has become the crucial part of daily life; no organization can think that they can communicate without internet.

So by giving importance to this factor management colleges creates a need in front of the management students, that they also starts communicating through internet, and automatically they start using it and several other features attached to it. So to remain competitive in the business environment, the teaching pattern itself has been changed now and adopting new features to groom and make students more adaptive in the current scenario.

Ritu Vashistha

Amity Business School, Jaipur

Amity University, Rajasthan
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