Let's do our bit To put CAT in order.

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Dear Mr.Sanjeev Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We will address the issues that you have raised in your email. Regards Pankaj Chandra *\-------------------------------------------------------------------* *Profe...
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Here is Mr Kapil Sibbal's mail ID. He is the person who can really bring the paper and pencil test back.
Email id ksibal@sansad.nic.in, kapilsibal@hotmail.com,kapil@kapilsibal.com
Also Union minister of state human resource: Smt. Daggubati
Lets request him politely stating our graviences. I'm sure a lot of us have many issues to address.

ALso we must write to news channels. That is an absoulute must. I believe if media takes the issue, we will definitely see change.
We should drop mails to news channels like NDTV, AAJ TAK, and ofcourse India TV :)

feedback@ndtv.com, Info@aajtak.com,
Ndtv on twitter : NDTV - India news (ndtv) on Twitter
Ofcourse there is Barkah dutt on twitter as BDUTT. Just google seach for more IDs.

If there is collective effort, we can definitely make things work.
Urge pagalguy admins to try to interview Mr kapil sibbal, let him know of our grievances.
Also please make this thread sticky. We all know how important is CAT for us.


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Dear Mr.Sanjeev

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We will address the issues that you have raised in your email.


Pankaj Chandra

Professor Pankaj Chandra
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 076
Phone: 080-26583901 / 26993002
Fax: 080-26584050 E-mail:director@iimb.ernet.in

From: sanjeev
Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 6:33 PM
To: Director
Subject: Dear Sir,Please don't deny me my dreams.

Dear Sir,

I am a CAT 2009 aspirant and had been preparing for months for the test. I took the test on second slot on 7th December.
Sir, I got 2 questions in quants that had only answer options but no question statemt there was one Ques in DI (Tables) the data statement and the data given were totally different.
In all 3-4 questions I could not attempt just due to these reasons. Plus The standard of papers were not at all same aacross the slots. It can easily be verified if you look at the performance of students in different slots. It cannot vary so drastically across students in say 29th nov slot and 7th dec 2nd slot if the standard were same.
After writing the test I feel my months of preperation goes watse and my hopes of making it into one of the premium institutes in India are shattered.
There is a friend of mine whose systems shut down during the test and he got extra time to sit n slove questions while ssytem started. Also he got 15 mins extra time when the system restarted. And this is just one of the numerous cases. I feel devasted hearing this. There are coaching institutions that were holding secret classes and pareparing students with previous day's papers and sure enough thoose questions actually came again. It is a complete injustice to our dreams and aspirations.
There are only few exams in India that we hold with high regard, CAT was one of them. But this year it's just been reduced to a game of luck.
I urge you please dont waste our months of effort and one year of our lives. Please hold a paper pencil test so everyone can get a level playing feild.

Thanks & Regards,

Hey guys,

This is the mail I dropped to IIMs A,B and C. Only IIMB was kind enough to atleast reply. I suffered due to mismanagement and and foolishness of IIMs, which held computer adaptive tests. They are too arrogant and snobbish to realize that they cannot have CAT in the lines of GMAT simply because while in GMAT they look at our entire application and a little disparity in our gmat score don't reflect much in the admission. But in CAT one wrong answer can cost us a whole year's effort. Similarly even the minutest disparity in the level of question papers during different slots, which in inevitable in CAT, will shatter dreams of so many hard working aspirants.
Lets raise our voices and do everything we can to stop them from playing with our future. IIM direcotrs are will never accept that that online CAT is a disaster.
So let's write to the higher officials who have the authority to put things in place.
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