LBS MiM or HEC Grande Ecole MSc??

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Hello all, I trust you are all doing well. I applied to some business schools in Europe and it turns out that I have been admitted to both London Business School and HEC Paris for their respective Masters in Management (MiM) programs. So this isn'...
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I need help with profile evaluation. Am seeking MiM.

10th,12th, Btech, GMAT: 90%, 80%, 62%, 710

Age 25

Two research papers in international journals

Bronze medal in swimming at state-level

Leadership roles at university-level fests

13 months experience with a marketing agency in Kathmandu, dealing with medium and small entreprises, and helping them with digital and conventional marketing solutions: from designing the campaign to launching it and nurturing leads.

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You have a fair overall profile. 

  • Your undergrad score is below par for a top school, but it is compensated for by a good GMAT score. Your application needs to be further strengthened with a good overall application, with stellar essays and glowing recommendations, and you have a decent chance of making it to a good school!
  • Make sure to highlight important aspects of your work which showcase your abilities which the schools are looking for. Also do some research on what qualities your target b-schools look for in an applicant.
  • You have good work-ex of 1 yr, which will add value to your application. MiM applicants usually have 0-2 years of work experience, so you are right in the middle of the range. A few schools you can target are HEC Paris, LBS, ESCP Europe and ESSEC. Although highly competitive schools, your good GMAT score, combined with your decent extracurricular activities and research papers published give you a fair chance of making it. YOU need to ensure that your application is holistic and well-made, and especially, your essays will play a major role in determining whether you are the right fit for the school. 

To know how we have helped many other students like you get into LBS, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP Europe and other top b-schools, check out 

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How is LBS MiM program? what is required GMAT score for MiM in LBS

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LBS MiM program is a very good program for people who have less than 2 years of experience and want to get into a business oriented role at the start of their career. It has a very mix of students from different nationalities and academic backgrounds and attracts some of the best consulting and financial services companies for recruitment.                                                                                                                                 A GMAT score of 680 + with a very well articulated application - including Essays, CV and LOR hold the key to getting admission in the program.                                               Please feel free to reach out to me at /+919701215544 in case you want to get further information.

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Well, LBS is a reputed b-school and the LBS Masters in Management program is one of the most popular in the world & attracts some of the highest performers. It allows you the opportunity to broaden your business skills, balance in-depth theory with practical experience & indulge yourself in the corporate, economic and financial world. There is no doubt that one can benefit extensively from what the school has to offer, some of them are 

  • Networking opportunities with some of the smartest people in the business world. You get a chance to mingle with the MBA students and also leverage the power of the LBS alumni network
  • An amazing reputation for being one of the best business schools in the world, no matter where you go the name LBS is instantly recognizable
  • Access to a number of global corporations. Partly due to the schools strong career services & also due to the excellent location of the school.

LBS MiM Eligibility Criteria

  • Recent graduate (who graduated in 2018 or will graduate in 2019)
  • An individual having less than one year of full-time corporate work experience, or less than two years of experience in a non-traditional business role
  • Graduate in any discipline with a UK 2:1 or above (or are you expected to) this correlates to above average academics in other grading schemes
  • GMAT score 700

Hope, I was able to clear all your doubts.  You can check out this page for a detailed overview of the program

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Hi. Could someone please help me with a profile evaluation?

Age: 23

Class 10: 90.00%

Class 12: 88.33% 

Graduation: BBA 3.25/4 from NMIMS Mumbai

GMAT: Not given yet but targeting 700

Work Ex: (total 2.4 years currently)

2016 - 2018: Marketing Executive at a Hospitality firm

2018 - Current: Assistant Manager Marketing & Communication at the same Hospitality firm 

+ 3 short internships during the undergrad program

+ Experience with blogging for fashion, lifestyle, beauty

Management Development Programs in Digital Marketing and Analytics from SPJIMR Mumbai and IIM Bangalore (both in 2018)

DELF A1 and A2 certification (Beginner's French)

Coursera: Brand Management (LBS) and Fashion & Luxury Management (Bocconi) 

Aiming for MBA Marketing/MSc. Marketing at ESSEC, HEC, NUS or Top 30. 

Looking forward. Thanks in Advance! 

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Hey Neha,

You have a fair overall profile. Here are some of the strengths:

  • Your CGPA is decent which shows good academic performance and can be used in your application.
  • Coming to the GMAT, if you are able to score 700+, substantial value would be added to your profile and it can even help you compensate for any profile weaknesses.
  • A total work experience of 2.4 years is an added advantage. Do note that for the MBA, the recommended work experience is around 5 years while work experience for MSc in Marketing depends on the various schools and generally, 2.4 years is good to go.
  • Make sure to highlight the important aspect of your work which showcase your abilities which the schools are looking for. Also do some research on what qualities your target b-schools look for in an applicant.
  • Your skills and extracurricular activity are on positive side so make sure you provide details about them. This will add more value to your application.

To increase your chances to make it to your dream b-school you can visit our website and reach out to us if you need any help.

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HEC Paris is world's number 2 MIM program, replaced from the number 1 spot by St Gallen.

Important to not that France has 25 MIM programs in Top 100 worldwide as per FT while UK has 23. Both are good for Indians.


Post study visa in the UK is 4 months and in France 24 months

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Profile: Age : 21 10th CBSE: 9/10 12th CBSE: 86% B.Sc. Physical Science (Physics and Mathematics) from Delhi University GPA: 8/10 GMAT : 700 Extracurricular : *Cultural president of Delhi University for Session 2017-2018 *President of Physics Department of my College(2018-2019) *Volunteered in NGO activities of my college * Made an startup of interior construction that last 11 month * Other small activities Work Experience : 11 Month as Marketing Manager in small firm (Part Time) I am aiming for MIM, MFA , MIF at LBS, LSE , HEC, ESSEC, EDHEC, ESCP, St. Gallen

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Hello, are you also looking at MBA?

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Your current profile makes you eligible for the abovementioned programs at these schools however I would not recommend UK due to post study visa concerns.

Best case is HEC, ESSEC, EDHEC (25 French schools in FT 100 MIM programs)

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Age : 21

10th CBSE: 9.2/10

12th CBSE: 89.8%

Jee advanced 2015: 99.6 percentile 

BTech.(hons.) Civil engineering from I.I.T(ISM) ,Dhanbad 

GPA: 7.71/10(till 6th sem)

GMAT(first attempt)-650

Training for a month at PWD office 

Work experience - nil

Extracurricular : 

-State level athelete(Mr. Jharkhand 2nd place)

-College powerlifting and bodybuilding champion 

-Mr. IIT (ISM), dhanbad-2018

-Brand ambassador GENX sports nutrition for 1 year

I am aiming for MIM programmes at HEC, ESSEC, EDHEC, LBS & LSE,

i am aiming for a 700 on my next attempt , but what are my chances with current score , and will a 700 score be enough since i have no workex and low GPA .

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I am thinking of going for an mim from top schools in EU but i have heard that international students face a lot of problem in getting a job and they generally have to return back. Is it true??

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Hey there,

MiM is a great degree, and has been one of the best investments of my life.

It is well respected in Europe and has a good scope, but it does not count for anything in India, at this moment.

India has been and will be in love with its IITs & IIM's, and for good reason, they are great institutes. Also with good business students being churned out at a rapid rate from the top 10-15 Indian B-schools, your European degree won't be seen in the same light.

Well.. don’t do an MiM if your plan is to come back to India and join a corporate over here. You will not be considered as an elite business student and most probably would be traded as a tier-2 business school student, and can expect a salary of around 12 LPA.

So that way your ROI goes down the drain.

Maybe in 6 years you'll be able to pay the loan off.

SO before you say chuck MiM, I'm opening my CAT books again..

think it through.

As i mentioned the MiM is pretty well known in Europe and in some countries especially in France is the way to go if you want to end up in any big corporate company may it be Finance, Consulting and so on.

So well what you should do is...

  1. Choose a country where the immigration laws are not that strict, and you have a chance to work for some time before returning home
  2. Work hard while you are doing the MiM, the job market is VERY COMPETITIVE, just because you come from a good school, companies will not be fighting over you. Be proactive, learn new skills, keep gaining experience in a sector relevant to the industry you want to work in. So if you think it'll be a piece of cake think again                 
  3. So last step is, get an internship, convert it into a job and work for around 1-2 years here, gain some relevant international experience & skills at a renowned MNC and return to India like a boss. You will be getting jobs at par, if not better than any IIM grad. Also in the process you would have saved around 30000 euros in the last 2 years. Average starting salary is 45000- 55000 euros. And hence in 2-3 years would be able to pay your loan off.

Do your research well, work hard & you will get a job easily.

So well hope the answer helped. If you need any help you can read our blog for more information regarding mim at

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Age: 24

Class 10th: 83%

Class 12th: 73% 

Graduation: 64.51% (BE in Electronics Engg)

Work Ex: 21 months of work ex at Capgemini as an Associate software engineer and as Senior Analyst.

GRE/GMAT: Not taken yet.

Academics: The final year project in college was selected among the 20 projects and was funded by the college.


1.Head of the Marketing team at Intercollegiate Tech fest of the college.

2.Deputy Cultural Secretary of the college.

3.Volunteered and participated in the tech fest organized by Emerson India.

4.Volunteered for the Social committee of the college.

5.Won Intra-collegiate sports events.

Below are my queries:

1) I am targetting Masters in Management from UK/US/Europe. Which test would be better for me: the GRE or the GMAT?

2) What score I should be targeting in GMAT and GRE if I am aiming for colleges HEC, ESSEC, ESCP for MIM 

3) Will my work experience be a major issue since I will be applying in 2018?

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Hello, @rbathija

 GMAT is always better for Masters in Management, every business school accepts it, but if you think you would be more proficient in GRE you can go ahead with that,  well most of B-Schools accepts that too, but if you have any targeted schools please do check if that particular school Accepts GRE or not but we would suggest you give GMAT.

 Above 660 or 670 should be your target especially for HEC 670 is advisable.

 The work experience will be an issue with HEC and ESSEC these schools accept the people who have less than 3 years of work experience. HEC might raise an issue if they feel that, you have work experience at leadership level they would ask you to go for MBA programme instead, but generally if you mail them and ask they will provide you advice regarding this issue. 

For more information, you can just visit our website at:

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Class 10: 9.6/10 (CBSE)

Class 12: 94.6% (CBSE)

Undergraduation in B.A. Economics(Hons.) from DU

Overall percentage: 72% (Top 20% in my class)


1. Vice House Captain and House Captain in school for 2 consecutive years resp.

2. Completed a First Certificate English Course from the University of Cambridge with an A level gradation.

3. Participated and won the Stock Masters Competition.

4. Member of AIESEC for 1.5 years doing the following:

a. Learnt Graphic Designing and was the Team Lead for Designs for all the 1.5 years I was a part of the organisation. I worked rigourously with the marketing team in creating campaigns for various internship opportunities and thereby learning various aspects of Digital Marketing as well. Well versed in creating posters, pamphlets and any creative stuff possible online!

b. Organising Committee Member of a cancer awareness event and worked in conceptualising, financing and organising the whole event. I was the Marketing Head in the Organising Committee.

c. Organising Committee President of an event called Udaan for underprivileged children. Worked in a team of 4, including myself for the complete organisation of the event. Partnered up with 2 NGOs for the same purpose.

5. Worked with the Economics Society for 2 consecutive years as:

a. The Marketing Head for the fest. 

b. Organised 2 large scale events in the fest which had more than 20 teams in one of the events.

c. Worked with the sponsorship team to bring sponsors.

d. Active part of the Core Committee that organised the complete fest for both the years.

6. Member of the Debating Society and went for inter-college competitions as well. (1 Year)

7. Member of the Entreprenuership Cell of the college and helped in organising their internship fest as a volunteer.

8. Actively participated in various competeitions in school as well as college.

Internships: I have done 4 internships for Graphic Designing and Content Writing till now. Most of them were in startups.

What schools should I apply to with these credentials? Is my profile good? What GRE scores should I aim for to get into the top MiM schools?

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Hello, @Celesta

Since your CGPA is really good, if you map it up with GRE score of above 315 you would have a good chance of getting into a good school, but we would suggest that you get 1 year of work experience before applying to the schools. If you know that you can apply to all the top schools such as LBS, ESSEC, St. Gallen etc.

We help students to get into the top 10 B-schools if you wish us to help you out you can check our website at:

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