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  Lakshya 2017 (A National Level Business Plan Competition for Students & Startups)   14 -16 February, 2017   The Challenge: “When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue”     Amity Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (ACED), Amity University Uttar Pradesh, In Collaboration with Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises – Development Institute, has organized LAKSHYA 2007- A BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION, at Amity University Campus, Noida, Uttar Pradesh from February 14 – 16, 2017 for students / budding entrepreneurs / start-ups.   In higher education students needs to experience various facets of business ownership. At this stage of learning the focus is on understanding the basics of our economy, the career opportunities that result, and the need to master basic skills and competencies to be successful in a free market economy. This Event is a sequel to “Fostering Entrepreneurship”, providing the participants an opportunity to present their business idea.   

 1. OBJECTIVES: § To encourages students to create a unique business and carry the decision-making process through a complete business plan § The student needs to learn - to speak the language of business, and see the problems from the small business owner's point of view. This is particularly needed to develop the pupils holistically when they are being catered for career development and technical education.  § To enable students to actually experience the operation of a business. § To motivate students to learn, innovate and nurture the skills of new ventures.  

2. TRACKS / SECTORS FOR BUSINESS PLAN  Innovative business Plans are invited in the areas of :- § Agriculture & Food Processing  § Energy & Infrastructure  § Retail & Commodity § Rural Development § Technology - all sectors § Skill Based Business Ventures § Social Entrepreneurship –Health care, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, Population control, Illiteracy, Poverty, Economic Disparity, Child Labor, etc. 3. RULES FOR B-PLAN COMPETITION   Lakshya – B-Plan competition will be rolled out in the below mentioned phases: §  Phase I: Submission of B-Plan and Registration §  Phase II- Inauguration & Sectorial Presentation  § Phase III – Workshop, Mentoring & Revision of Business Plan § Phase IV -Final Presentation to the jury and Valedictory Function               Format of Lakshya at a glance · Participants must understand that the contest is a public competition and that no information disclosed by them will be kept confidential.  Further, ACED may use the materials they submit for educational purposes. 

Phase I: Submission of B-Plan and Registration · Interested Candidates are required to form a team and submit Business Plan including Executive Summary along with the Registration Form online. · Team can consist of minimum 1 and maximum 3 members. · The word limit for Executive Summary is 500 words and for B-Plan is 4000-5000 words. ·  The standard of Times New Roman font style with size 12 and 1.5 line spacing has to be followed.  · The B-plan proposal document must be in MS Word format · Each team can submit one plan for the competition. · Teams will be selected on the basis of the cluster they belong to and the track of the business ideas. · All Business Plans must include a one page Executive Summary.            

Phase II: Sectorial Presentation Individual teams will present their Business Plans to the Judges comprising of academia, ministry personnel and venture capitalist with a member of  MSME-DI as the Observer. Here the candidates are supposed to pitch their Business Proposal (time limit:5 minutes) and submit the hard copy of B Plan inclusive of Executive Summary. Following areas must be covered in pitch- 1. The Idea 2. Intended customers and Markets 3. Why do you think this idea is unique? 4. Team  Sectorial Presentation will be taken in Closed room format.  

Phase III: Workshop, Mentoring & Revision of Business Plan Sectorial Workshops will be organised on the second day of the Programme in the first half. All candidates will be mentored by experts at Amity University on the same day in the second half. From idea to concept, business modeling to financials, experts will address the concerns of each team.  

  • After Mentoring, the team will rework on      the Business Plan and submit the final version of B Plan in Hard and Soft      copy.
  • A primary contact person for each team      must be identified and informed.

Phase IV: Final Presentation & Valedictory Function  

  • The final Powerpoint presentations      should be limited to 10 slides or less.  It is recommended that      presentations cover market, value proposition and product, competition,      financials (financing needs, projections), timeline, and team. 
  • Candidates will put forward their      presentation to the designated experts of the relevant sector and mentors      of the industry, academia and Ministry of MSME.
  • Each team will give 8-10 minute      presentation to the panel of judges (with no questions or interruptions).      The panel will then have 7 minutes to ask questions and provide some on-the-spot      feedback and reactions.  All time limits will be strictly enforced.

Experts from Industry, Academia, Financial Institutions and Ministry will address the gathering on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the present scenario. Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Bankers will be present for handholding the start ups. Winners will be awarded Trophy, Merit Certificate, and Prize. The event will be concluded with a group photograph. 

4. CONTENT OF FIRST SUBMISSION Of B-PLAN AT PHASE-I:  Your Business Plans will be evaluated on the basis of which business is most likely to create significant economic value.  The businesses which are likely to be successful will have the following characteristics:  

  • Team – founders or other      team members who can operate a quickly growing business      successfully.  Experienced entrepreneurs, early stage sales and      marketing executives and engineers on the existing team are all a      plus.  A well thought out plan that specifies the team members      required to grow the business to scale and exit along with a realistic strategy      to recruit those team members is also a plus.  Members of the board      of directors or advisors or scientific advisors that can be shown      contribute to the growth of the business are also a plus.
  • Big, growing market – a realistic      addressable market for the startup’s product or service that is large and      growing gives a startup venture a better chance to succeed than a small,      stagnant market does.  Being able to define the realistic addressable      market for the company’s product or service well is a plus.  Being very      knowledgeable about the competitors in the target market is a plus.
  • Innovation - Solid product or      service –      a product that is built and has paying customers is the gold standard for      a solid product or service.  A product in beta testing is next best,      a product in alpha next, then a product in development, lastly a concept      or idea.  An innovative or breakthrough product is a plus.
  • Sustainable business      model –      a business model that will allow the startup company to efficiently scale      to a size that makes it attractive to acquirers.  A business model      that will allow the company to exploit a sustainable competitive advantage      is a plus. 
  • Realistic Finance      –“deal” –      the “deal” refers to the amount of financing that the startup proposes to      raise and the terms on which the company proposes to raise it.  The      deal is realistic if the amount of capital that the team proposes to raise      will: 

1. allow the team to build enough value and achieve enough milestones such that the next round of financing will be an up round,  2. be based on a pre-money valuation (the amount the company is worth before financing) that is acceptable to investors.  Executive Summary of 500 words should cover above mentioned areas along with the name of the Business and team members.    

5. CONTENT OF SECOND & FINAL SUBMISSION Of B-PLAN AT PHASE-IV:  B-Plan should be designed in the following framework: § EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (500 words) § NAME/COMPANY DETAILS § CONCEPT/BRIEF BUSINESS OVERVIEW:  § Whose/what problem is this solving?  § What is the need that it is addressing?  § Why is it important and what value it adds?  § Product/Service Specification  § Technology  § USP / Competitive advantage § MARKET OPPORTUNITY:  § Target Market Segment  § Addressable Market size  § Potential Revenue per year/quarter  § Geographies targeted and expansion plan  § BUSINESS MODEL:  § Go-to-market strategy  § Marketing Plan - Online/Offline  § Sales Channel Development  § Media Channels Used for Promotion  § Advertising Mix used and money spent on each  § MANPOWER PLANNING § Proposed Organizational Structure  § COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS:  § Competitive advantage  § Existing / Potential Competition  § GO-TO-MARKET     

  • Timeline and scope of product rollout 
  • Target market for launch and the best        way to reach them 
  • Marketing communication plan 
  • Sales channel strategy, sales targets 
  • Risks and challenges 

§ FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS: (for 3 years)    

  • Cash Flow statement
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet


  • What made you go for this venture and        what's your motive? 
  • Why do you think you will succeed? 

You must specifically discuss, how you are addressing most of the following areas, but your plan does not need to excel in all of the areas to be considered.
Community economic development    

  • Community involvement
  • Environmental practices
  • Governance
  • Hiring and workplace practices
  • Sourcing/Supply Chain

6. TIME LINE FOR THE COMPETITION AND SUBMISSION DETAILS:  Important Deadlines · Phase I: 8th Feb’17 –Online submission with registration fee   Short Listed Candidates to be intimated -   10th Feb’17 · Phase II: Inaugural Function & Sectorial Presentations on 14th Feb 2017 · Phase III: 15th Feb2017 –Workshop, Mentoring & Revision of B-Plans · Phase IV16th Feb’17: Final B Plan Presentations & Valedictory Session   

7. WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?  • Any student / start – up  with a bright Idea   • Students / start -ups in Family Business who have yet another great Idea   

8.  Prizes   Prizes will be awarded to the top three Business Plan:   

1st Prize worth Rs. 5 Lakh* (6 months Incubation & seed support mentoring & networking)

 2nd Prize worth Rs. 3 Lakh*(4 months Incubation & seed support mentoring & networking) 

3rd Prize worth Rs.2Lakh*(2 months Incubation & seed support mentoring & networking)    And many more consolation prizes…     9. Registration Fee    Students   : Rs.1,500/-  Start Ups  : Rs 3,000/- 

How to Register  :  On-line transfer (enclose the details with your B-Plan), Demand Draft drawn on any Nationalized bank in favour of “Amity University Uttar Pradesh” payable at Noida.  


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