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I got in touch with Experts Global seeking assistance in the MBA application process. Experts global have a team of experienced professionals who are well aware of the ongoing activities. Experts Global provide assistance from preparation for the GMAT Test to shortlisting the MBA colleges based on the profile and interests to the visa process at the end of application process.

I enrolled myself into their application assistance offering. They helped me with each and every aspect of the application process based on my academic and professional background. Experts Global helped me to short list the colleges. Mayank V Srivastava has great knowledge related to MBA colleges. Great amount of effort was involved in selecting colleges based on personal interests, academic background, extracurricular and professional background.

After college selection, Shailesh Otari provided various and insightful inputs to help me align my priorities and create a story for the application. Same amount of effort and diligence was put into the essays by Shailesh Otari while helping me develop them, which aided me in providing a strong candidature in front of the colleges. Because of this I was able to secure a seat in 70% of the colleges I had applied to with incredible scholarship offerings. Experts global helped me set my priorities and choose the college that was aligned to my personal and professional goal and enroll into a college with almost full scholarship. Their support continued in helping me with the visa process. The experience of working with the Expert's global team has been enriching and I wish to continue my association with them.

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  Nice to read this story!   My experience with Experts Global has been great till now. I joined their classroom program which suits my style of studying. They have small batches and every student gets individual attention. Every student gets a customized study plan which is prepared keeping in mind the amount of time one can devote for preparation on a daily basis.    There are 15 mocks which are of GMAT prep level and have detailed explanations. They also provide application counseling. So, overall Experts Global is a total package for anyone who dreams of pursuing higher studies and is looking for a good team to help him/her.   Check out for yourself:  

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