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'The admission process for the PGP class of 2014 will be open in the month of April 2012.'

This thread is for all aspirants who want to be a part of ISB CO2014. Starting this thread on 16th Feb and it shall end on 15th Feb 2013 with the R2 admits.

I am a 2013 reject. Know a few things about why I was rejected, waiting for ISB to let me know somethings that I do not know.

My Profile:
1. GMAT 660
2. 12th: 81, Engg: 60% from Pune (thats a first class and the degree says with distinction)..Above average I would like to say.
3. ECs: Cricket at company level, Organized College fests,Guitar,Tabla,Stock Markets,Gymming,Biking,Coding.
4. Workex: 4.5 Years in IT,still a Programmer

Share your profiles, and we will have expert puys help us in getting into the CO2014.

Finally, my shortcomings would be:
1. Low GMAT which I hope to improve
2. No defined goals which I hope to define soon

Lets kickstart the journey to the R1 and R2 applications with a big :cheers:

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.
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