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Only a few days left ISB (2011 class) so thought all those preparing for the next year should get together to start our race to make it next year.

My Profile -

Work Exp - 3.5 yrs IT. A problem here is I don't have a exp certificate for about 10 months of exp as I left Infy and broke the 1 yr bond.
GMAT - Yet to take.
Acads - Very Good with a few awards at school and college level.
ECs - Good. Have conducted and been a part of many events at school, college and work.
Additional - Have been recognized a few times at work as well.

Please suggest me as to where I need to put up more effort to increase my chances of making it to ISB. Also what are the GMAT scores I should be aiming at?

Thanks in advance. I hope this thread will help everyone aiming for ISB and other schools as well.

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