Is GMAT the right answer?

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I have an MBA from a top 5 B school in India and 5 year work experience following the MBA. Despite a great start with a leading consult, I have made some bad career choices and have become stuck in a really horrible profile with little scope for further growth and job change. I am looking at GMAT to do another Masters abroad and give a fresh start for myself. My concern is how significant will be my current work ex in getting me a job following my second masters? Will it be worth the effort?

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Hi @charanpuneet . No work experience is ever wasted. If you truly believe that you wish to change the course of your career, we would encourage to go ahead and give it a crack. 

The Princeton Review - Manya Abroad is a leading GMAT coaching institute in India and we have guided thousands of students for GMAT. If ok with you, we can set up a call for you with one of our expert coaches. This can help you address all your doubts and get started. 

We wish you the best.
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