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how is the clg??? can any1 give idea??

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hi Ameetkoomar:

I agree that things have changed at IMDR, but change is good isn't it. I am from current batch and we are now AICTE approved.

Also current director takes lot of interest, so its wrong to say he takes abrupt decisions. The facebook group is to help the prospective students, and if you think, you have better option than IMDR, then go ahead. We don't get anything out of this, except happiness.

At the end of the day its your call.

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@ameetkoomar Everyone has thr own perspective of looking into things. I don't know who are your friend and what they told about you. I agree that there has been some changes in last 2-3 years which might have not resulted the way the management wanted but I can also assure that current director is taking quite some efforts and the result reflect that. As Ravi said if you think you deserve and have an opportunity to get a better option than IMDR go ahead with it. ATB

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