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*FINATICS 2008 (The annual Finance Conclave, 05-06 April) (Webcast link will be provided)* _Have you ever thought of pre-learning a subject even before you specialize in it? Well! IIT-K MBA students think that it is not only important bu...
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Ladies & Gentlemen..
Finatics kicked off on a high and enthusiastic note. This event is latest addition in our series of events.
The event was thrown open to all, including the engineers who aspire to be the finance managers in future. Its not just that. The Ph.D. senior level people also participated in the event.
The online quiz has received registrations from many B schools. We thank you for your encouragement shown in such a short notice of time. Some of the puys are busy doing summers & a few more already graduated and are about to join the corporate world.
The webcast link 'VITRA' will be activated by 06 April 3 pm.
But, to let you know what all it happened today, pls go through the following lines.


The event was inaugurated by the Prof. N. K. Sharma, the Director for IME Department, IIT Kanpur. The HawkEye was the first event to begin with.



Mr. Sandeep Saxena, an alumnus of IIT-K, IIM-L and currently the MD of 7avenues and CEO of 7to9 Retail kicked of the proceedings. He started off with the premise sea changes are taking place in the world at the level of the consumer and interactions between common-interest groups. Financial Companies have to sit up and take note of these ground realities. Mr. Sandeep traced these changes to three important factors,

changing demographics,

consumer lifestyles and expectations,

shifting trends in financial evaluation and the simplicity versus complexity barrier.

He cited the interesting example of Pipalyah, a town near Jabalpur. Advent of satellite TV has transformed the views and perception of the small town citizen. Convergence and rapid dissemination of information is changing the traditional investor in terms of risk appetite and his range of choices. Businesses are facing the brunt in the form of failure of traditional channels of distribution and the need to engage customers in a more focussed manner. Mr. Sandeep Saxena concluded by saying that, The challenge for financial companies is to develop products to transcend these barriers and to nurture leadership that can think beyond shareholder values as the destination.

Prof. Anoop Singh (Consultant for World Bank and other Big firms, Government bodies etc.) of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, delivered the second lecture of the day on the topic Securitization and Infrastructure Engineering. Financing of Infrastructure development was the major thrust of his lecture. Prof. Anoop Singh talked about the 120 $ billion financing gap between the requirements and resources. The domestic bond market is dominated by Govt. Borrowings with very little left to corporate entities and financial institutions. Absence of credit risk transfer mechanisms has constrained investment by insurance firms in the infrastructure sector. Securitization offers an innovative method to plug this gap. In this regard a watershed event was the enactment of the SARFAESI Act in 2002. He deliberated on the working of the securitization transaction model. Prof. Anoop Singh then gave some early examples of securitization in the Indian Scenario L&Ts; construction of a captive power plant, settlement of dues by state power boards. He concluded the lecture by saying that securitization offers a promising avenue for infrastructure funding in the case of Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP) and transport corridors.

(There was a break for HawkEye. Finnoisseur was held after the lunch session)


The topic of the discussion was Vibrancy of Financial Markets in India.

Prof. A. K Mittal
(Former visiting faculty to Kellog School of Management, President Operations Research Society, Vice President and Board Director for Quality Circle of India) started off the discussion with a remark saying that it would be prudent to restrict the scope of the discussion to the equity markets as the bond markets are not mature enough in India to draw any substantive conclusions. The root causes of the current volatility can be traced to excess liquidity due to influx of flows from FIIs. Extreme variations in P/E ratios are a sign of immaturity of the market.

Mr Sandeep Saxena, MD of 7avenues, made the observation that the investor crowd primarily consists of retirees and pensioners who want to play catch-up with the economy. Speculation is small-investor driven phenomenon.

Mr Deepak Jain, DSP Merrill Lynch, responding to a question averred saying that, sometimes institutional investors are also guilty of speculation. He also added that it may be a cultural phenomenon. People are more interested in making high capital gains rather than regular long term gains.

Bharat Kumar Nandini
, UP Stock Exchange, made the observation that the equity culture is fully developed only in certain regions of the country and that thoughtful investment approaches are not yet a fully understood process.

Prof Jayanta Chatterjee (FPM IIMC; VP of Rockwell), IME Department, expounded on his personal investment strategies and said that equities, bonds and debt funds did not offer very distinct choices in terms of returns. Later the panel took questions from the audience on various issues such as the role of the regulator and activity in the securities market.

The audience never sat idle throughout the proceedings. As the time was running out, it was requested the students to ask the queries during the breaks. After all, we were there to probe into and find.

(Post evening Tea Break, HawakEye resumed with the Lecture-3 from Mr. Deepak Jain, Merrill Lynch)

The next post cover the Lecture-3 & Day-2 events.

--- Team Finatics

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Dear friends..
We @ IIT-K thank you for the replies to our invitation (through mails & PMs). This is where we come closer and start building relations.

Finatics is the brainchild of the current MBA batch here in the campus. All is set and we get set go once our director inaugurates the session. The event fever is running high and we are holding ourselves for time being. The Hall-9, Hall-7, GH where the MBA students stay is full of discussions on the event and arrangements.

We wish that our dream event kicks on a high note and ends successfully. We feel happy only when we see your participation (direct/online/webcast viewing) in the event just as the way every B school feels about.

We know that the event is held at a time where some of you are busy with summer internship. So, we came with Webcast. Once the link is activated, it'll be posted on PG and the same will be forwarded to you all.

The speakers who are going to grace us include:
1. Mr. Sandeep Saxena, MD 7Avenues, CEO 7to9 Retail
2. Mr. Deepak jain, Director, DSP Merill Lynch
3. Mr. Bharat Kumar Nandani, Exec Director, UP Stock Exchange Association
4. Mr. Dwarika Nath Mishra, AVP - Analytics, HSBC
5. Mr. Probir Roy, Co-Founder & Director, Paymate
6. Prof. Anoop Singh (Ph. D., IGIDR Mumbai), IIT-K Faculty
7. Prof. A. K. Mittal (Ph. D., Case Western), IIT-K Faculty
8. Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee (FPM, IIM-C), IIT-K Faculty

The countdown has started. It unwinds @ 10 AM today
Venue: L-10, New Lecture Hall Complex, IIT Kanpur.

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Hello all...
a few more speakers will grace us during the Finatics.
The Director of U.P. Stock Exchange will be sharing his views in the panel discussion.
(We are expecting more, this part of the post will be edited shortly)

The registration for Online Quiz (sponsored by McGrawHill) is open. Rs. 10, 000 to be won. Log on to Nutikas, Nutikas

Keep watching this space. We'll come up with full coverage on the event.

---- Team Finatics, IIT Kanpur
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Hello MBA community..
Pls see the e-poster of FINATICS.

We are trying to send it your B school e-community/representative.
The webcast link will be put up by Apr 06th.

Hoping for an enthusiastic participation (direct/webcast viewing/online quiz) and Thanking you

Team Finatics
IIT Kanpur
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(The annual Finance Conclave, 05-06 April)
(Webcast link will be provided)

Have you ever thought of pre-learning a subject even before you specialize in it? Well! IIT-K MBA students think that it is not only important but necessary as well. The pre-learning has already kicked off in the area of Operations Management and now being extended to Finance Management. The advantage that one derives from this sort of learning is that one gets the required exposure to the areas and sub-areas of a subject domain. The learning when coupled with insights from successful industrialists helps the students to apply the theory to practical problems. This is where the MBA students of IIT-K hits the bulls eye.
Ladies and Gentlemen! IITK-MBA is happy and proud to present you Finatics 2008, the annual finance conclave.
Events under Finatics 2008:
1. HawkEye (Lecture series)
2. Finnoisseur (Panel Discussion)
3. Nutikas (Online Quiz)

The topics under HawkEye & Finnoisseur cover Private Equity & Infrastructure Financing, Investment Banking, Early trends in Equity, Subprime, Mobile Commerce etc.

1. Mr. Deepak Jain, Director, DSP Merill Lynch
2. Mr. Sandeep Saxena, MD, 7Avenues
3. Mr. Probir Roy, Co-founder & Director, Paymate
4. Mr. Dwarika Mishra, AVP (Analytics), HSBC
5. IIT-K Faculty

Event Sponsors:
State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Reliance Money, HP, McGrawHill
How the event reaches you?
1. Through Direct Participation
2. Online (for quiz)
3. Webcast viewing
Those of you who could not come to our campus, we made an arrangement of Webcast. The proceedings are uploaded and the video link will be send across your Institute. The link will be available from 06-11, April.

We hope that it is the best way to reach you. We request you to visit
Finatics '08
If you are interested and wants to participate, pls send a mail to "finatics(at)iitk(dot)ac(dot)in". We'll be glad for your participation.
If anyone from your institute can send his/her mail address (through a PM), we would be sending the e-poster.

Event Coordinators:
1. Rahul Panwar
2. Vishal Warialani

--- Team Finatics
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