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Greetings from SME, IIT Jodhpur

Hope you are doing well and helping the needy ones in this unforseeable circumstances and hope you have checked the results.

(Results: https://iitj.ac.in/schools/pdf/MBA%20Admisison%20Merit%20list-%20(2021-23)_05052021.pdf)

Congratulations to all the applicants who made through the final selection. It has been very difficult for us to choose some of you among a large pool of applicants. We would like to thank you all for your cooperation amid this tough time. Our faculties, staffs and student coordinators have worked tirelessly to make this process (so far) hasslefree for you. It is really disheartening to see you all going through this admission stress even in today's difficult environment. We hope, we could help you in clearing your doubts and busting your stress to the best of our capacity.

All those who could not make it this time, remember there's no failing until you stop trying. It does not mean you not smart or less talented, it is just that we have a limited number of seats and in the selection process others have managed to perform slightly better than you. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Thank you for applying to SME, IIT Jodhpur, we are lucky to have interacted with you.

Few clarifications for the shortlisted candidates:

1) Shortlisted canidates can expect the official mail with all the required information in a couple of days.

2) All the candidates in the UR Merit list (Table 1) including the category candidates will get admission offer. The Table 2 contains overall rankings of all the waiting list candidates. So, the reserved category candidates are requested to check  

(a) Corresponding Reserved Category merit list first, 

(b) Table 2 for waiting list (Only if he/she is not there in "A"), then 

(c)The Corresponding Reserved Category Waiting list. The UR waitlisted candidates are requested to refer Table 2 for waitlist movements.

3) Number of seats is 80. But, if all the candidates offered in the first round accept the offer, then we will go ahead with them. In case if the number of students accepting the offer is greater than 80 then by default no more offers will be made. However, whether to make more offers/increase the number of seats or not lies with the school.

Once again thank you applying to SME, IIT Jodhpur. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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@Embrace-SME I am in the meritlist of NcObc category list however I am waitlisted in the general list.My merit list rank is 30 in NCOBC list.So am I eligible for getting offer letter in the next few days Admin please clarify it.It is causing a lot of confusion .

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