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IIM I results are out. Check ur results and vote in the poll! INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT INDORE
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any inside scoop on hows the temprament in I re. releasing the result on sat?

Long shot... but worth a try

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how are u all doing?
Our entire batch is on summer internship all over the country and some even out of the country.
So to make things easier for you guys once you get your final calls we will be creating a YAHOO group!
that yahoo group will be the focal point of all conversation. Once your results are out and the final call getters know that they can join in and post any and all queeries for us seniors to answer.
Keep watching this space for the new thread and the link to the new yahoo group.


On Behalf of batch of 2008

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karl Says
Hey, dude how and by when our results will be known?

According to the IIMs bulletin, the final call list will be released on 12 April. I suppose they will put it up on the respective websites. 😃
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Hey, dude how and by when our results will be known?

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Some questions to seniors?
1. Does being called last means anything or anything negative.?
2. They looked really bored by the time i went in...no enthu in their asking questions.......any negativez for me here?
3.how do u see my performance...? any chance for me to make it...? I am satisfied with my GD performance but not happy with PI....wat r ur opinions??????


1) No it doesnt signify anything at all.... generally its a random oreder they follow
2) Sometimes they do get bored, sometimes they act bored. But I dont think it should harm you
3) Your performance I can say was ok but chances ofmaking it no one can say so who am I to comment.
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Hi guys...
so here is my IIM Indore interview experience(my only call so a despo case for me)

Venue: IIM Calcutta
Date:13th Feb
Slot: 9 am

About the GD:

The topic was of a guy named Sumit who had done his B.Tech from IIT and MMS from some college in mumbai and has got four job offers of which he choses one. He is really impresed by the values and ethics of the company...it's transparency and all those blah blah features....
Now he is apppointed in the marketing research division under Mr S.P. Paranjpe. Sumit's job is to report on the market analysis of a product of the company. He founds out that the competitor's product is cheaper and of better quality due to which customers refrain from buying our company's product.He compiles this report and sends it to the management.

Next day his boss Mr.S.P.Paranjpe call him and says him that the management is upset with him.He says" Look Sumit if you have to wrk in this company then there is one rule you should follow. and that is that you have to never criticise the management". Sumit says" Sir, I only put in the report wat all was observed in the market analysis, and for the benefit of the company". Mr. Paranjpe says" You have to only put inthe report things which the management wants to see.Things which pleases the management."

Hearing all this Sumit is shocked and the double standards of the company initial "blah blah" policies. So what should be the next step of Sumit????

I think our GD went fine. We all had a peaceful GD with everybody having enough amount of air time to speak.

About the Interview:

I think I got the worst panel out there. One guys was like very serious(but did nodded occasionally) and other guy was super serious(with no emotions to reflect).

I was the last guy to have the interview( seriously does that means anything or has it any negative factor?????????)...so by that time the panel looked really bored.

S:serious guy
SS:super serious guy

Me: goodafternoon sir
S and SS: goodafternoon

S: So you are an electronics engineer?
Me: yes sirrr..(errr.....atleast i think so...??:)

S: so tell me wat an operational amplifier is?
Me: defined it , told its properties

S:Wat are it's aplications in industries?
Me: ummmmm..... sir can't remember the circuits name but in all applications of amplifier, isolator etc.... (damn damn damn...not a very satisfying answer:()

S: ok. What is the kind of doping done in IC manufacturing?
Me: Sir it's P type doping

S: hmm..so what are the technologies used in fabrication of IC's ?
Me: sir fabrication of IC's were not part of our curriculum.

S: K no problem. Have you studied Computer Networks?
Me: Yes sir. in 6th semester.
(oooops:wow:.....and this was one subject i hadn't revised??::()

S: Tell me gaurav, What are the different layers in networks?
Me: Started telling him.....(cut me in the middle)

S: can you arrange them for me in logical order
Me: Started arranging them ona piece of paper. Forgot one but wrote 6 layers name.

S: ok fine. Tell me what r the different topologies?
Me: sir Bus, star......

S: if Bharti asks you to design a network which topology will u choose?
Me: I think sir i'll use star topology.

S: Why?
Me: sir first primarily there is a central somputer server in a star topology which can control all node terminals and ......

S: so the node terminals are like dump computers?
Me: No sir, they can also communicate with eachother via the central server.

S: K so tell me how date is transmitted in a ring topology?
Me: told him

S: are u sure?
Me: YEs sir i think this is the way.( shaked his head:(...but i think i was correct)

S: Ok what is a schottkey diode?
Me:aaaaaa..........sirrrrr (shit shit shit.....andthis was one diode that i never understood:()

Till then Mr. SS(the second guy) checked my certificates....showing no interest to my technical fundaes......
S hands over the baton to SS

SS: so what do u know about fiscal policy?

SS: Do you know about ______? ( I have forgot the name, He asked about 2 personalities)
Me: I don't know sir.

SS: Have you heard of GATT?
Me: No sir:(

SS: Do you know about WTO?
Me: Yes sir( finally something i knew)
Explained him fully about WTO.

SS: What are ur subjects of interest?
Me: sir like acads or......?

SS: in ur life...?

SS: like i have interst in music...
Me: (ohhhhhh hobby....)sir i play volleyball and solve sudoku
I also do blogging.

SS: What is a blog?
Me: Itz basically an Internet diary...and them blah lah some gyaan on blogging

SS: So how do otherz come to know thatu have written a blog?
ME: sor there are other sites which advertise/promote ur blog.

SS: What is ORKUT?
ME: social community networking site...and some more gyaan on ORKUT.

SS: whatz the difference between blog and ORKUT?
ME: blog is like ur personal space....orkut more like a place to make frnz ....discuss on forums....( wazz that convincing:confused:)

S: Ok that's it.You may leave. Best of luck.
ME: Thankyou sir.

My profile:
CAT percentile: 99.12%
10th 89.8%
12th 96.25%
GPA 8.33 or 83.3%
Single I call

Some questions to seniors?

1. Does being called last means anything or anything negative.?
2. They looked really bored by the time i went in...no enthu in their asking questions.......any negativez for me here?
3.how do u see my performance...? any chance for me to make it...? I am satisfied with my GD performance but not happy with PI....wat r ur opinions??????


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Name Chetkar Jha
Venue- IIM cal (my only call)

WEll Karl,
IMHO i feel that the interview was a warm up interview.. and was mostly stress...
though a stress interview is made up of multiple questions that come at the same time and from different people. Also they would not explain any question to you again if it were a stress interview..
Here it seems something on your CV made them believe you were supposed to be good at statistics and quants.. which may have gone against you.
DOnt worry all the best and GOD Bless!!
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Name Chetkar Jha
Venue- IIM cal (my only call)
My group discussion and interview almost became a chase from one building to another building in IIM Cal campus as there was no sign or hoarding directing people , some times i really doubt how good are they at management?:)
anyways continuing with Gd, Gd was very decent and to my surprise,everyone got the opportunity to speak (including me).The Case Study was about a NGO firm's dilemma of selecting a candidate, as none of the candidate fulfilled all the criteria that company was looking for. There was little to speak and by the time I decided to speak on , most of the points was already exhausted, but I spoke 3-4 times belaboring the point of concentration on the criteria of selecting a candidate and then after the gd we were given five minutes to write the summary.

I was the second person to be called in my group and there was another parallel group running by simultaneously.
me: enter without any good morning :(
P1: Certificates, u have only one certificate and smiling.
me:giving them certificate
P1: did you represented ur state in National Chess Championship.
me:(smiling in my mind what does he think of me, am i vishy)no sir represented my district in state chess championship.
P2:What is fuzzy logic?
me:(taken aback was expecting to be asked on chess anyways) fuzzy logic err...Sir I don't know though I have listened to one of the lectures of Zadeh
P2: blank face
me:(thinking, he doesn't know Zadeh,even and asking me of fuzzy logic)
P2:Consider you have 56 statements and you need to summarize it in 5 variables?...
me:(in what alien lang he is talking) Come again Sir
P2:asks P1 of pen and a paper and writes v1, v2... v56 , saying see you have these variables which may be correlated how will u make them independent.
me:(hesitant)Orthogonal Projection
P2:he ignores, what statistical analysis will u use to do this?
me:(still wondering) can u explain it again
P2:changes the question slightly say you have v1 v2 independent variables and v3 is dependent on it, how would u explain v3 in terms of v1 and v2
me: sir, we can find the correlation
P2:what is correlation?
me: measure of linear relationship (scores first point:) )
P2:what if there is no linear relationship?...what about non linear thing?
me:Sir we can find measure of association...reciting from memory (fij-fi*fj/n)
P2(he interrupts) leave the formula, can u do anything else?
me: Sir we can assume linear model
P2: What is linear model
me:blah blah (scores another point)
P2:(another q)Say you have two means from the sample how will u measure the diff?
me:(two means from the same sample)err..Sir are you saying that we have two samples from the same population and we need to test the equality of means?
P2:( answer my question(who was the interviewer?:) ) and says that he is not saying that, he continues)no you have two different attributes from the sample and you need to measure the diff?
me: am sorry but I don't think that it makes sense...are not they are two diff things?
P2:no consider like this one attribute is age and another is income, we need to find the mean of diff between two variables
me:(eureka) it is simple sample mean(v1)-sample mean(v2)
P2:(completely ignores me)Leave that question
me:(thinking didn't I answer him)
P2:What is the probability of you dieing?
me:Sir it will probably follow exponential
P2:Rephrases the question
me: i am confused, I say sir it depends say if i have lung cancer or aids I may have different chance
P2:Rephrases the questions and confuse me
me:(okay peace)Sir zero!
P1:joins him and he gives a argument about insurance and company
me:blah blah blah...somehow manages
P2:What is binomial distrn
me: gives the formula and stupidly says the word density instead of probability mass function
P2:tell me what other jargons that you know
me:(why he is so unfriendly?)defends myself and says I can explain what it is? gives the example of throwing dice...and in trying to explain i say that for fair dice p=1/6
P2:(jumps)what if he it is say any p
me:sir then we will have p as prob of success...blah blah blah
P1:Tell me where r u from
me:basically bihar
P1:but in ur form...
me:sir but I was brought up in Dhanbad
P1:What does jharkhand's economy depends upon
me: minerals
P1:name them
me:coal, aluminum (blooper),mica
P1:Where are Aluminum an d mica found?
me:near hazaribagh
P1:What is ore of Al?
P1:Who is the coal minister?
me:I don't know, defends my self sir I have been staying in Cal for past three years
P1:ask me abt communism?
me:give general funda abt socialism
P1:then what is socialism
me:accepts that my previous defn was abt socialism and really don't know the diff between socialism and communism ,
p1:u can leave now
me :(shocked)smiles ,shakes hands and leaves

leaves the room with the impression that I wasn't able to impress the guys.but is this was a stress interview?

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Yar koi to dalo interview experiences...

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ashish abraham Says
hey Ashish, since today is a bandh in karnataka today, the gd/pi scheduled for today have been postponed. So tomorrow will be the first day of gd/pi for IIM I at bangalore. i have it on 15th.

Best of luck.. Hope to c a nice account of ur experiences later!
I suppose ppl had their interviews in Calcutta today..
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