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Dug up for the IIFT Final result dates of past 6 years and here you go !

IIFT 2011-2013 ->17th March (Thursday)

IIFT 2012-2014 ->14th March (Wednesday)

IIFT 2013-2015 ->15th March (Friday)

IIFT 2014-2016 ->14th March (Friday)

IIFT 2015-2017 ->25th March (Thursday)

IIFT 2016-2018 ->17th March (Thursday)

As per the trend for past 6 years, it seems that the results are likely to come out on Thursday or Friday. Owing to the fact that Adcom stated, results are likely to get published after 21st i.e. 23rd/24th being the most favoured date. 

Meanwhile, Enjoy Holi !

Calls: MDI, IIFT, NITIE, All New IIMs | Converts: MDI, NITIE, All New IIMs (Except Ranchi) | Joining: MDI PGPM (2018-2020) 
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@speakOfdDevil - bhai kohli se jyada form me tum lag rhe ho aaj 😂

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@jmayer10 - bhai tumhe detail de rhe the k @speakOfdDevil out of league hai tumhare bromance k lie :P

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