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Reposting this on the behest of one of ur seniors...i am sure its still relevant at IIFT unless things have changed drastically.

To IIFT batch 14-16

I wanted to write this post on the 1st July itself when 13-15 journey started but could not due to professional commitments. However, I would like to pen down some thoughts as an outgoing student which you might take note of or just shove off :).

Firstly, some gyan for the Kolkata students:-

1. I Have seen in batches that some Kolkata students have this inferiority complex that they could not make it to Delhi. Some are even intimidated by the seniors into believing that their Delhi peers are stalwarts. And some Delhi batch students also think alikewise having a superiority complex. My advice to the Kolkata batch would be "just kick aside all such boorish thoughts" out of your minds. U ppl are equally/ more capable of ur Delhi peers. In my batch, it was proved by many ppl. I am sure u must be hearing good things about them. So, plz keep urselves motivated. The day u feel u r inferior, half the battle in a B-School is lost. 
2. There will be some very good ppl in the Delhi batch who would like tointeract and share a good camaraderie with Kolkata students. Please try to find such ppl on ur visits to the Delhi campus. Networking with them can be very handy. There will be some nincompoops in Delhi who wud any ways think they are the creme de la creme as they made it to Delhi campus. Its gud to avoid them completely. The same advice holds true for Delhi batch students.
3. Shifting to a new campus can actually throw up a lot of opportunities for Kolkata. Please try to exploit those as a batch.

Now some gyan for the whole 13-15(Delhi/Kolkata) s a whole:-

1. No college is perfect and so is IIFT. There are 1/2 things which will particularly irk most of u and thaw few of ur expectations from a TopB_school. Plz dont get demoralised as virtuous batches have graduated even with the same things in place and they have done the alma mater proud. If u have substance, u will reach a good place. 
2. Lethargy in a B-School is poisonous. Plz try to involve urselves in some activities. U might not like studying. Thts fine. There are lots of different constructive things to do. Only devoting time to fag, booze, maal, exchange students, etc. arent gonna help u in the long term. 
3. Do participate in select competitions. Choose competitions wisely. They are an immense platform of knowledge and a way to tell the outsiders that we are a great bunch and we are not just into trade.
4. IIFT is the biggest name in India for Trade. Even if u r not interested in Trade, plz try to pick up as much as possible from the mandatory subjects. There's no harm in doing that, ab IIFt me aa hi gaye ho to thoda trade jaan lo. U never know how it might help u once u enter corporate. 
5. There are ppl who love doing politics. Right from PORs to the GD group cartels, etc. As a batch try to despise such guys. One should try to garner good faith in these 2 years. Rascals like these are like weeds.
6. There will be certain seniors who would only misguide you. Once, u ppl enter u will come to know of such seniors. Do avoid them.
7. Fortune does play a big role in B-Schools. U ppl will start seeing this when ur summers begin and this will continue even in the Finals. What I want to highlight here is that u ppl need to focus on "smart learning" rather than just "learning". Do not get intimidated by anyone. It happens with most of the ppl when u feel every1 is better than u when u have a look at their profiles. Even I experienced the same. But the myths kept getting busted as and when time passed. Some of u might get devastated on getting a bad summers. Again, u need to pick urselves up. Battle is not lost in the summers. If u have done something in the 2 years, finals shall be rewarding.
8. Do party hard when u have the batch parties. They are some of the memorable moments for good and naughty reasons ;). 
9. Lastly, and most importantly, this is an important year for IIFT. Its the golden jubilee year. Both the current batches need to make a lot of noise about this fact. Devote time for activities spreading good word of mouth. It will directly help in placements also. 

I have sounded very pedantic and do pardon me if the above lines were a dose of vagaries. All the best and do every1 proud. As an alum I am sure I will do everything possible in my might to help the institute. Hope to meet u ppl during Alum nights.

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