This thread may be helpful for present,& future Bankers,,,Jaiib & Caiib Exams conducted by IIBF(indian institute of Banking & Finance)

Passing these exam ur salary get increment,
On passing JAIIB ,, clerks & officers will get 1 increment in their basic
On passing CAIIB,,, clerks will get 2 increments & officer get 1 increment in their Basics

To Pass CAIIB,,one must have to pass JAIIB...exams conduct in MAY & NOV in a year,,

for appearing in these exam one have to take Ordinary Membership from IIBF,One Time Life Membership Fee for Ordinary Membership is Rs.1500/-for the applicants from India. For Overseas applicants, the fee is US $150/-. (form attached)

than u will get membership no & can apply for JAIIB ,,
you can get form from here
Indian Institute of Banking & Finance - Exam - Schedule

To pass JAIIB or CAIIB their are 3 papers in both ....TIME 2hour

JAIIB ::::: each having 120 ques of 100 marks,, some qs may be of 0.50 mark,, some of 1 mark,, some of 2 marks;;;
1) principal & practice of banking
2) Accounts & Finance for banking
3) Legal & Regulatory aspects of banking

CAIIB ::::: 100 qs of 100 marks
1) Adavanced banking Management
2) Banking Financial Management
3) optional paper .. any of following

you have to get 50 marks out of 100 marks in each paper to pass individually..
If you have all the three papers with together than you may be pass also if you manage min 45 marks in each paper & 50 % marks in aggregate means min 150 score in total of 300 . (((( NO negative marking at all ))))

you will get 4 chances to pass JAIIB or CAIIB in consecutive 2 year.... per 2 chance you have to pay fee : 2100/- for JAIIB,,, 2800/- for CAIIB.
your chances will start from the date to next 2 years on the date you applied for any EXAM.... if you will not get success to clear in 2 year than you have to get a fresh MEMBERSHIP again again to pass exams,,,bt this is rare case.

1) there are 4-5 module in a paper,each module have some chapters...,read properly any 2-3 module...& for other module,, do only objective questions given at last in every chapter.
2)Buy Workbook,, & learn all objective questions given in it.
3)Attempt all questions,,if you are sure that 38-40 ques are correct than mark the same option in rest questions.

Using these tricks even you nt prepare well.. u can go through also.

KINDLY SHARE YOUR MATERIALS & EXP About these exams so that it may be helpful for otherssss tooo ........ CARRY ON !!!!!!! :cheers::cheers:

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h4ever h4ever @h4ever  ·  15 Mar, 2014

Any idea about practice workbook? Do I need to read every chapter?

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@stagnant03 @stagnant03  ·  25 Mar, 2014

First post which describes not just the exam but how toclear the exam also (Y) 😛 😁

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