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   Hello, My name is Abhishek Kshirsagar and I am a contacting you on behalf of EnI (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell), IIM Bangalore. Our flagship event, Eximius is round the corner and we wish to visit your college for it's publicity. For that, we need a POC from your college. Work of the POC will be to publicise Eximius in your college (with the help of posters, which shall be provided to you and by all the other means possible. Also, to get as mcany registrations for the event as possible). POC will recieve a certificate from IIM Bangalore and there are goodies on the stake as well. If you are interested, please ping me on whatsapp and if not, I request you to forward this message to your batchmates in IFIM. For any queries, ping me on 8983319502. Thank you. 

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