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Some Tips to crack IBPS SO HR Officer Exam.

Before jumping on to the preparation strategy, let us understand key success factors of this exam:  

  • There      are 60 questions to be completed in 45 minutes. This means, you have to      show smartness not only during preparation but also on the exam day. It is      not important to know all questions. What is important is “NOT to MISS”,      even a single question, that you know. This might look trivial, but if you      learn this much, your 50% work is done. Many students will not score because      of poor Time Management.
  • There is      no prescribed syllabus. Each coaching centre has created its own list of      topics (because no wants to admit, that they do not know syllabus). What      we have understood that there are some key topics, which are definitely      included, but to what depth, we do not know. For example we know that      questions will come from Labour Acts. But we are not sure if we have to      study 5 Labour Acts or 15 Labour Acts. 

  • We, at      Human Peritus, have 6 years of experience of HR/Labour Welfare/ Industrial      Relations subject. With this experience, our expert team has created “focused      and concise” content for IBPS SO - HR Officer Exam

  • A large      number of questions are asked from Labour Laws. It is most annoying to      remember each line of these Acts, considering the language in which they      are usually written. But this is deal breaker section. You can get all      questions correct, because there is nothing conceptual. You just have to      remember, what is written. No thinking to be done. To make it easier, our expert      team has compiled 14-15 laws in single booklet of 70 pages.
  • Our      Second Booklet of 48 pages, has all topics of Human Resources Management      covered.
  • Third      Booklet (95 pages) has all topics related to Org Behaviour, Management Theory,      Leadership, Change Mgt etc. 
  • Fourth      Booklet on Industrial Relations has topics on Labour History in India,      Various Committees/Commissions/Codes, Trade Union, Discipline, Current      Events in Labour etc. (70 pages)  

  • Then we      have created 15 Test Papers for IBPS HR exam(60 Questions each). BUT,      these 15 Test Papers are NOT merely for practice. There are three very      clear objectives:
  • First, these      900 questions in 15 papers, is the largest superset of all questions in      HR/Labour subject. We have built them after analyzing UPSC/UGC/Bank exams      over the years. You will find many questions appearing in exam from these      test papers. Every question is important and has high probability of      appearing in actual exam. In recently conducted UPSC exam for Labour      Commissioner, more than 70 questions were from our content out of 90      questions (exam was on 25 Nov). In UGC Exam (conducted on 5 Nov), more      than 80% questions were from our Content.  
  • Second, we have written "detailed"      explanation with each Answer. With this approach, our test papers      "not only assesses" but also "teaches" new concept      with every question.  
  • Third (very      very important objective of these 15 tests), We expect you to build speed      to a level where you are able to complete 60 Questions in 40-45 minutes.      You have to “learn” start choosing easy questions and not wasting time on      tougher ones.

It is very critical to score high in written exam only. One reason is that the competition will be high for this coveted job. Second reason is that Bank interviews are unpredictable. We want you to secure your seat with high score in written, so that even if you screw up in Interview, you are IN.

 Based on these insights, our subject expert team has created highly concise and focused content for this exam. With this package, you can crack the exam in last 30 days.     

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