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Updated 11 May, 2014.

Dear Friends,

I wrote to IBPS as following issues..plz read and share ur views..

Dear IBPS,

Today IBPS PO has conducted on the below centre :






1. Have you visited this center before alloting for coducting IBPS PO EXAM ???????

2.If yes, have went inside the college class room ???????

3.Have you people seen the system properly as in working condition like keyboard/mouse/desk ???

4.Have you sheen chair is there or not ???

5.Have you checked BACK-UP FOR POWER CUT ????

Today we faced the above issues because of your irresponsibility .Exam was started at 10.System NO.25 was allotted to me when I logged in the system after 15 minutes different pop up shown in the screen...I changed the system..again faced the same problem then one IT OFFICER came he adjusted the system. After 30 minutes power cut issues started for 15 minutes again power came we logged in the system ..immediately power failed.same thing repeated for 1 body came out for solution when we asked for center in-charge for explanation he said due to MARATHON on tomorrow there is some work going on. For them MARATHON IS IMPORTANT OR OUR PO EXAM IMPORTANT ???? .When we asked for power supply arrangement he said we have ordered will soon be restored..The complete restoration process took one hour.No ibps authority present and..Center in-charge threatened us saying go to IBPS & COMPLAIN....this is the technical failure and no back up plan we have in place ?????

Sitting arrangement was very bad and given to sit on STOOL ????all the students sat on was not working like village college..not cleaned system/MOUSE/KEYBOARD and desk was very drinking water arrangement.You stupid people have seen outside building its a big building..and u have assigned IBPS PO exam???Never visited inside , taken any bribes or so a result we have to face the consequences????

IBPS taking Rs.600 for what ?????Is this getting corrupted like other govt bodies ?????

Are you really visiting center ???? when i asked no IBPS authority.Exam invigilator said NO IBPS authority came .... why ????

Lastly my small request before alloting the exam center please visit the center and get the details..Dont play with student's future ..who are ultimate Country's future....

I expect positive reply with your preventive action immediately.Understand student frustations has no limit.

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