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    Where can i give ibps po mains free mock tests,as currently mahendra is flooded only with pre st,and practise test.

    Rather than love,than money,than faith,than fame,than fairness,give me truth.
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    @prakarsh.anshul practicemock, oliveboard, career power

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    anybody have attempted rrb clerk?

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    yaar kuch dino pehle pagalguy par araha tha free mocktest ka ad wo kisi ne try kiya h ?

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    There is something wrong with Olive Board ..

    Yesterday 2 mock tests for IBPS MAINS were available, I attempted the 1st one in morning and 2nd in evening (& scored 84 , 93 in both).. But after submitting the 2nd Mock test, when I clicked on Analysis.. That paper was no more available...

    Both papers were removed.

    Today I found another paper, a new one in IBPS MAINS section.. so thought of attempting that.. But as I clicked on "Take test" button.. Test box opened & closed within 2 sec... and what I found after that was completely strange... 😛

    I didn't attempted that paper, but it was already attempted.. God knows who did that on my behalf.. no other person knows my id & password... & d score was horrible too... it gave a shock... (Attempt 119/200... correct only 50, score 34 :p)

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    mail them and ask them to refund the money for those tests in which u faced problems or ask them to reactivate the test..pls do it asap

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    how to attach a pic here for some questions. 

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    guys i want to buy mok test for ibps po. plz suggest some good mockc test

    attitude is a small thing but it makes a big difference
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    practice mock test series

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    you can buy mock tests from http://www.prozo.com/

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    Hello People...!!! I am new to this forum. I wish to crack IBPS PO exam. Can anyone tell me what is the source for the materials ? I wish to prepare on my own as it is not feasible for me to join coaching now. Can you please help ? General Awareness is my weakest area in all the sections. 

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    read daily news paper for gk make notes/ pratiyogta darpan

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    1. MINNOW - A small fish, a trivial thing, a minor thing

    2. LINGERING - to delay for a long time, awaited long

    3. QUIDDITY - lack of something , absence of something

    4. THROES - a deep pain, vry pathetic , torment

    5. SPIEL - lecture, a continuous speech over smthng

    6. SPIEL OFF - to speak fluently , glib

    7. MUDDLE - confusion, a disturbance
    (Muddle headed - a very confused mind)

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    read passage and answer ----

    Beauty is often discursively constructed as dangerous in India, because the beautiful female body is necessarily always an object of display. Women feel extremely free to comment on the appearance of other women in their presence, noting changes in weight, appearance, or even overall beauty. Even today some people in India see pageants as just beauty contests while some see these as an opportunity for women to make an impact on society. An important aspect that Indian women just cannot choose to ignore today is the overwhelming number of beauties our country is throwing up at international pageants. Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Diana Hayden, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza: they're world players on an international stage. But critics of beauty pageants in India would criticize them as "Western." After an entire lifetime spent in a place discursively constructed as "the West," I have a difficult time remembering if I have ever actually seen a beauty pageant there. True, they have originated in the West. However, today in the West they do not carry the kind of status and clout they have come to acquire in South Asia. Indeed, the concept of objectively judging beauty is as widespread in South Asia as it is not in the West. I contend that there are some cultural systems that lend themselves particularly well to the commoditisation and packaging of female beauty. Although beauty pageants are a profoundly capitalist phenomenon in the sense that they, at a very basic level, use women's bodies in order to market products, there are also cultural performances in which ideas about femininity and beauty are reinforced.

    1. Which is not a parameter to judge the Beauty at Major international beauty contest ?

    1) International mannerism 

    2) Fitness 

    3) Manner of speaking

    4) Richness 

    5) Both 3 and 4

    2. What was the origin of Beauty Pageant ?

    1) India 

    2) South Asia 

    3) Western countries 

    4) Southern countries

    5) Can't say

    3. What is meant by Capitalist Phenomenon ?

    1) Industrialist event 

    2) International event 

    3) National level contest

    4) Royal contest 

    5) None of these

    4. Which of the following facts is/are true as per the passage ?

    1) Beauty is nonnegotiable, something that is a fact that needs no further explanation.

    2) Percent of beauty pageant girls who have suffered from depression is 6%.

    3) Ideas about femininity and beauty are reinforced.

    4) A woman represents very little and stands for a lot.

    5) None of these

    5. The content of the passage mainly emphasizes on -

    1) Glamorous image of women. 

    2) The beauty obsession.

    3) Fashionable event. 

    4) American image of beauty.

    5) Indian beauty.

    Direction: Choose the word which is most SIMILAR in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

    6. Reinforced

    1) Weaken 

    2) Unguarded 

    3) Diminish 

    4) Liberalized 

    5) Supported

    7. Profoundly

    1) Incompletely 

    2) Dearly 

    3) Partially 

    4) Deeply 

    5) Fortified

    8. Diction

    1) Articulation 

    2) Usage 

    3) Wordage 

    4) Conciseness 

    5) Balance

    Direction : Choose the word which is most nearly the OPPOSITE in meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

    9. Discursively

    1) Diffusely 

    2) Primarily 

    3) Prolix 

    4) Rambling 

    5) Proceeding

    10. Contend

    1) Hide 

    2) Agree 

    3) Surrender 

    4) Comply 

    5) Dissuade

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    average age of seven boys sitting in a row facing North is 26 years. if the average age of first three boys is 19 years and the average age of last three boys is 32 years, what is age of the boy who is sitting in the middle of the row ?

    28 years
    29 years
    24 years
    31 years
    none of these
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