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Studies _(1)_ the impact of computer models to support policy-making processes in organisations have _(2)_ that client involvement in the model-building process is often a _(3)_ for effective model-building. One important reason is that the process of model-building is frequently more important than the resulting model. Model-building itself is largely a _(4)_ process about the problem. Most _(5)_ about the characteristics of an ill- structured problem are gained during the _(6)_ process of designing a computer model, rather than after the model is finished. Another important reason is that most information in an organization _(7)_ in the mental models of organization members. To support policy- making in organization it is this knowledge which needs to be _(8)_ and represented in the model. An important topic in client-oriented or _(9)_ model building thus becomes the _(10)_ of relevant knowledge contained in the mental models of participants. Question 7 of 10   _7_ A. resides B. follows C. settles D. lies E. Committed

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Why can't A be the right option instead of D ?

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