I have Everyone, I am little confused and need your help :( I have done my engineering from Ambedkar Institute of Technology, GGSIPU and my percentage is 74.27. In Xth I scored 83.6 and in XIIth I scored 83.8. I have got placed in StanC's Scope International as Software analyst, Chennai. I also have an offer from a Startup based in Gurgaon developing apps for Retailers and other companies. Here I will be working as sales associate and my work will be getting leads, business development and brand building. I am aiming to do MBA from India's TIER-1 B school only after an year. So whether I should go for a big firm like Scope International or a start-up? Will my resume get hurt if I join a startup and will be rejected and my experience will be under valued or it won't make any difference? What should I do? Plz help....

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