How to earn money from internet ?

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There is a lockdown situation in India right now. It is not possible to do any employment in lockdown but there is an employment which you can do from home. Online Earning from Internet. Despite the lockdown, there was a credit of ₹ 100000 in my bank account in April Month. In this lockdown, everyone's work is closed, but my work is not stopped, the reason is that I earn money online from the internet. I don't mind there is a lockdown in India. All I need is my laptop and Internet. I can earn money sitting from any corner of the world.

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Now you guys will be thinking how to make money online? Is it possible to make money from the internet, or am I joking. So friends I am speaking 100% right. This is not a joke. If you want, you can easily do online earning. There are millions of people in the world who are earning money sitting at home today. Neither do they have to go out, nor do they have to work under anyone.

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