How is Egmat linked to GMAT Club and Beat The GMAT?

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To discuss whether E-GMAT is linked to GMAt club and Beat the GMAT because all we see on GMAT club or Beat the gmat is just E-GMAT

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I scored 710 in my GMAT attempt in October 2020.

Well, I was a GMAT aspirant and from now and then, I kept on searching for good content to study. Many of my peers or friends are following GMAT club to basically get questions and get their queries answered. 

And one thing that was most common was that they praise highly of E-GMAT.If we talk about them, so  they are not even taking the classes from E-GMAT. They all are taking Live classes from some institute and EGMAT only provides recordings of classes. I mean seriously, what is the difference between a coaching and youtube then.

So I thought that why everyone does that. I thought at first that it may be because it is actually good but the reviews seemed to say totally opposite. So when I started using GMATClub,I actually got to know what the real scene is. The whole GMAT Club favors egmat a lot. 

If you will open EGMAT from GMATClub. You will see around 2000 reviews written there. But for any other institute, no more than 500 are there. Well, it is a big discrepancy seeing that students from all the institutes mostly follow GMATClub, and the reviews are written only by EGMAT students. Something is definitely fishy.

There are some things which in my opinion every institute should have. Because it decided our confidence level in the exam and it should be the best. 

Points which you should keep in mind while going for institute is:-

1. Recorded lectures are just one way communication:- Recorded lectures are just one way communication and in case of doubt, there is no way you can ask directly or instantly. Live online classes are something which is great. Students are able to interact with the teacher directly, doubts are cleared instantly and if a student is not understanding a topic in a particular way, another way could be followed by the teacher to clear the doubts.

2. No one can ace the GMAT in just 15 or 30 days:- It is a myth. Time is needed to develop strategies, to practice questions. GMAT is all about adaptivity. So you should be ready on how to tackle the changes in the exam and that could only be done if you have done enough practice. If anyone is claiming that it could be aced within 15-30 days, don’t fall in the trap.

3. Proper mentorship:- The main thing which is required to score good in GMAT is mainly the mentorship. It will help you to strategize your preparation accordingly. If you are just seeing the pre-recorded videos, mentorship is not going to be there in any case. So choose an institute which could help you in acing the exam according to your strengths and weakness.

4. Strategies:- Recorded videos will just teach you one strategy or one trick to solve the question. But a student should be exposed to 3-4 strategies atleast in order to take out the best strategy they feel could be implemeneted. 

5. Consultation:- Well, if anyone wants to get in a good B-school, GMAT is just one step. Everyone has to apply to colleges and that part is also hard. Many institutes provide free counseling for admission and helps in application process also but this is not the case with E-GMAT. They just sell videos for double the price without any personalization.

Personalization can only be done if the classes are Live. Because video will be same for a topper also and for a mediocre student also. So no personalization can be done if anyone is giving recorded lectures because everyone is getting the same content.

The things which strongly confirms that E-GMAt is linked with GMATclub are:-

1. Reviews are in a same language and looks same person is writing:- If you will go on E-GMAT option from GMAT Club, you will find that reviews on E-GMAt are over 2000 and mostly all of them looks like same thing Is being repeated again and again in the reviews which shows that it is written by mostly the same person altogether. And seriously, do you really think that everyone will write big reviews about the same institute including the same thing. Totally fabricated.

Just think it like this. If you are very happy with a service, then also will you write a 1000 words review. It only happens if the person is paid or it is written by marketing team.

2. They tend to include E-GMAT in most of their articles or advertisements:- Well, in Best institutes for GMAT preparation, E-GMAT is recommended highly by GMAT Club. Do you really think that institutes giving Live online classes not the recorded lectures at half price than E-GMAT should be ranked lower than E-GMAT. 

3. Posts / reviews opposing E-GMAT are removed immediately:- Well, it shows that it is not a general portal in which people can express their views. Only positive or not so negative reviews are accepted otherwise all the posts are deleted if it is related to E-GMAT. 

Well, in totality, it is serving to be the face of an institution and basically benefitting it by placing it on the top of every comparison. I will strongly suggest that do check the product before purchasing. Compare the product so that you can easily find out which is the best and in terms of value of money also. 

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