Hi Friends,
I am a software engineer working in a BIG Indian IT-firm and willing to join another BIG IT-firm very soon. I have received quite a good offer from the latter company.
I have done a small mistake which might cost me dear in future as the new company has a very stringent background-checking policy.
My academic and professional credentials like marksheets, certificates, offer-letter, relieving letter and service-certificate - all are in order but there is one thing which is not mentioned in my service-certificate - that is, the technology I was working in. It's actually Java. The problem is in my first company I was on bench for almost 6 months and in my CV I had shown Java experience during this period also because I didn't want to put 'on-bench' in my CV. Therefore, although I have been employed for 2 years and 6 months in this company, my actual Java experience is only 2 years.
Can the first company act in a vindictive manner during the verification process by disclosing the fact that I lied in the CV?
Do the investigating agencies conduct their investigations till that level?
If they talk to my first company's HR people, will they tell them that I actually had 2 years' and NOT 2 years 6 months' Java experience?
Thanks in advance.
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