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Updated 14 Jan, 2009.

though its not a resignation letter...it is fun...and also..reflects my mood...

Dear Manager(mere Anna data),

Happy Lohri,

This is for your kind information, that yesterday was FMS entrance exam and with that I have successfully completed all my MBA competitive examinations for this season.

And all thanks to the expensive forms and brouchures and no proposed hike in the salary this year, I have no intention to appear in GMAT. Even CET is highly unlikely, as only 18 seats for OMS candidates. I don't think ki main wahan kuchh ukhaad lunga jaa ke.

I will be totally available in this company for next 8 months(till mid october), as after that I will have a serious slip disk(last year hi plan kiya thaa par mauka nai mila), as CAT 2009 will be nearing by then.

You may use all my admit cards, score cards and other brouchures for your lohri bonfire. I'd be glad to know that they were proved to be of some use finally and moreover that I was of some use to you finally.

I thank you for all your un-given support and all permission you granted for my pseudo leaves.

Destined to SE only(as no appraisals either this year)

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