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Gain the skills and confidence needed for your next chapter with HBX CORe.

HBX CORe is the largest consumed program in the world and is a three-course program designed to teach you the fundamentals of business and prepare you to fully participate in the business world. 

Business Analytics   

Economics & Strategy   

Financial Accounting   

Use statistical analysis to answer real business problems   

Apply economic principles to develop a successful business strategy   

Discover what's behind the numbers in financial statements 

8-17 Weeks, 8-20 Hrs/Week

Credential from HBX & Harvard Business School

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Do we interact with the faculty real time ??

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Our asynchronous course offerings have been developed by some of the most experienced and popular HBS faculty. Although professors will not have direct real-time interactions with students, you will hear from them via short videos that explain key concepts and guide you through cases, exercises, and other interactive learning elements to create a highly engaging educational experience. Moreover, as much as we expect you to learn from the faculty, we expect you to learn as much (if not more) from your own thoughtful participation and from your peers in this active learning ecosystem.

The HBX Live virtual classroom allows participants to have real-time, discussion-based sessions live with faculty members. One of the most exciting features of Managing Your Career Development, for example, is that each session of the course is led by an HBS faculty member.

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