Hi Gurus,

Can you please help me with some good GMAT Coaching institute in Gurgaon and if not in Gurgain then some where around Gurgaon.

Thanks a ton for the help.


My 2-cents: IMO GMAT is all abt hard work and getting into rhythm, any coaching can only help u out with tht "rhythm" stuff....& if u really feel u need tht, please be wary of following pointers:

- Teaching faculty: Do some research on the kind of faculty teaching at the coaching institute. Usually quality faculty is a scarce commodity at most of the coaching institutes. It's difficult to get high potential person to teach, so always do some background check before enrolling.
- Facilities: Check out the reference material / study material and computer lab (if required)
- Curriculum: Always check course structure and curriculum to be followed at the coaching. Most of the times coaching institutes don't have any such structure in place and in most of the cases once student is enrolled he/she is on his/her own.
- Cost: Always evaluate the money you are shelling out in light of the above key pointers.
- Teacher-Student ratio: Also try to evaluate teacher - student ratio and time one student gets to spend with teachers/faculties per week.

I don't wanna take any names over here, as IMO it's a very user specific preference, depending on ones strengths & weaknesses.

I hope this will help.

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