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Ever since I learned about MBA I wanted to be one. And a US MBA was one of my long cherished dreams, so when I got admitted to Ross, Darden and Cornell, it was by far the happiest moments of my life.  

Now that I have graduated and started working full-time in US, I want to help other folks who are lost in this sea applications, GMAT, consultants and resources on internet that may/may not always be helpful. 

What I aim to provide here is a simple, to the point, honest feedback on your strengths/ weaknesses and your application. As a fellow Indian, I am rooting for you and would only give you advice that is in your best interests. 

Comprehensive Profile review: When I was an applicant, I have posted my profile on many forums for review and it’s not always as simple as Work-ex + GMAT, hence I never got a satisfying answer. Your profile includes lot more detail like your experiences, ambitions, your short and long term goals and motivations for pursuing an MBA. It’s the raw material for your application. 

Applications review: This is a more strategic piece as every space in the application should portray different aspects of your background – right from personal experiences, resume, motivations, goals and achievements. Usually these need to be reviewed 2-3 times before they become perfect for submission. I will provide feedback for one school, and that’s adequate since you could use most of those in other school applications. 

About me: In India, I had experience in Consulting and Investment banking prior to my MBA. In US I had both a Consulting and a Tech offer and decided to pursue a Tech role as that gave me a chance to explore something completely new and exciting and I am loving it so far. I have been an official career coach for 6 of my juniors in my second year of MBA for securing jobs in US which includes career strategy, resume critique, networking guidance and interview practice. I have also helped many friends on their US/Europe MBA applications. For those curious about numbers I had a 740 GMAT score. 

Pricing (Since I want both parties to be fully invested in this process, I will charge a nominal rate):  

· Comprehensive Profile review - Free, please post below. Please include as much detail as possible, the more information you provide, the better idea I have! 

· Application review - $100 for the first 5 who sign up, $250 for the rest. 

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post any queries you have and would be happy to answer :) 

Good luck with the admissions process!   



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