Hello friends,

I am new to pagalguy. I have got calls from IIM A and B and I am expecting a few more. With tight work schedule I am not being able to devote enough time to prepare for GDs and Essays. I thought it will be good idea for many others like me, if we can share material, links etc to help each other.

As starters:
Currently I am using the following:
1. www.gdprep.com - have loved this site, it's started by two IIMA students. have less number so articles but they have been adding articles on a frequent basis.
2. www.indiabix.com - many gd topics but a chaos, need to spent a lot of time to find good points. there are likes and dislikes buttons. i read only if a post has over 15 likes
3. www.studyfreak.com - havent found it much useful yet nor have got enough time to browse the site in detail
4. I have liked the HBR page on fb, keeps popping articles when i visit facebook and reminds me not to waste time
5. Have downloaded news aps on my android phone. Good option while travelling

Interested people people join this thread

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