I scored 44.06 percentile in CAT, I am female general category non-engineer with no work experience yet I have been shortlisted in the cycle 2 of Great Lakes. Is it possble still to convert it?

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I feel the adcom shortlisted students based on profile too. Your other paramenters will be analysed and points will be awarded to those. After you upload your score, points will be awarded for that too. if you meet  reqiored number of points to get selected you willbe shortlisted. This is purely based on what I read on their websites and what I came to know from webinar.  If I were you, Ill wait for the CMAT results and then upload the score. I dont think adcom will reconsider your profile again

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@sarvesh93sah even i was thinking of waiting for cmat results .Thanks a lot for the suggestion!!

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