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Hello, the syllabus for GRE Math does i involve 8,9,10th school math or 11th and 12 th math? Also I have a doubt, several flshcards n stuff are available online for wordlists, which is the best and in line with the GRE Test preparation? Any guidance will be appreciated. And for quantitative aptitude is r.s.aggarwal book enough?

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GRE Math involve 5, 6,7,8th School math only but not 11th or 12th.Get the wordlist of Barrons. This is most suitable to prepare for verbal section. R.S.Aggarwal may not be suitable for GRE preparation. Since GRE is a standardized test please follow specialized materials available for GRE. I can suggest you if you wish. Thanks

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@mosespothula Hi please do suggest, appreciate all suggestions as I am studying by myself and not going for any coaching.

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