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Hi pagalguys and gals, I want to prepare for the GRE for Computer Science. But I dont know where to start ! can anyone point me to the right direction? And if I want to pursue MS in Australia,Canada or Singapore what are the tests I need to give? And somebody told me about MIS course. Please tell me something more about the MIS course and how to apply for it.

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Dear Diptayan, I would strongly recommend that you take your GRE as it will open more options for you both country wise & university wise. Yes, it is true that US is a major destination for CS students but you can also consider Australia & Canada where some universities may not require a GRE. In addition you need to take English proficiency test either IELTS or TOEFL. IF Us is your major target then I suggest that you take TOEFL as the same is preferred. As to your query regarding MIS, it is program which deals with topics like DBMS, CRM & is a mix of CS & Management. Normally MIS programs in US require some work experience so check it out.

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Hi Diptayan, 

Test prep part needs to be answered. GRE is recommended in universities in Canada and Singapore. MIS is widely available in Australia and Canada. MIS combines Information Systems subjects with management subjects to help students move up to Managerial and Business side of IT.Hope this helps.Let us know if you have any further wueries and we would be happy to help. www.manyagroup.com

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