What is the process for Duty Leaves in LPU ?

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Mine younger brother is studying at LPU and he is more into sports then into academics but he very well manage both by keeping in mind LPU attendance criteria.Let me tell you how?

Lovely Professional University is strict related to the Academics and Attendance Policy. There is the attendance criteria of aggregated 75% attendance at the end of semester. so attend your classes attentively and regularly.

LPU focus on holistic growth of students.LPU motivate students to be the part of cultural events so that LPU students can outstand among all and always get appreciated and moreover with help of this students can add up one more impactful achivement in their resume at time of recruitment.

The duty leave is provided on the basis if you have participated in

  • Cultural Activities, University Events
  • Attended the Workshop, Seminar related to your academics etc.
  • Went for Internship from the University
  • Working on live project from University

But note it is compulsory to maintain the aggregate 75% attendance.

Moreover let me tell you at LPU my brother told me maintaining good attendance help in gaining marks, yes you heard it right.For example if you have 90+ attendance then you will get 5 marks for that and so on as the attendance percentage decreases accordingly the marks decreases.

Hope you understand the attendance and duty leaves criteria, how helpful it is in academics.

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@Mehr07 You need to maintain 75% attendance, apart from 75%, 5% as a medical leave you can take of,so now you can plan the leaves accordingly. Adding to this I would like to tell you if you are participating any university event then you will get duty leaves and it will be counted as your attendance part. Don’t count the duty leaves as a means to complete your attendance target. Always be on the safe side and attend your classes and maintain your attendance by minimum of 75%.

Hope it Helps !!

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