LPU has Zero tolerance towards drugs & alcohol. A dedicated & expert department of security officials and personnel are on duty 24 x 7 to ensure that no drug ever enters the campus.

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Can anybody tell me, Don’t other universities, institutions, colleges even schools students take drugs ????? I believe we all know that there are people with these bad habits and its injurious to their health.

I was waiting for a while but this question catches my eye and being a alumni of this University,I can challenge you that there are no addicts in the campus.

From the day first to till the end day in the University. I never find such kind of activity inside the campus. The rules and regulations are very tough in the campus. If someone found doing any kind misbehave inside the campus,strict action is taken by the management against the person.

This university has taken every step to prevent it from happening, which has made sure that no such activity takes place inside the university. From security checks at the main gates, hostels and strict rules and regulations and proper surveillance.

No such things accepted inside the campus,if anybody caught from suspension to cancellation of scholarship to getting resuscitated.This University taken every steps to make sure,such incidents does not happen.

Also, CCTV cameras are well installed around every corner of university to figure out any issue- in hostels, classrooms, gates, lawns, etc. Moreover, proper checking of students and other members is done at the main gate before entering the campus. So there is no chance of drugs inside the campus.

The University has its very own fire station department. LPU also has Turnstile gates at major entry/exit points as well as boom barriers for vehicles ensuring that every movement is monitored.Safe and secure residential facility for boys and girls.

Yet another, the kind of hard work LPU has put in to make a name for itself in the field of education has made it a sore in eye of all. The result is ones who cannot reach the level of LPU, spread rumours about it.

Like this university and all other universities, institutions have taken a step against it to eradicate this problem and aware people of the same, the government should also impose such restrictions, rules, and regulation to control the problem in the public places as well.

Hope this will help you!

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