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Need he to work there now?

Need he work there now?

Which is correct?

@gMishr  ·  158 karma

Does he need to work there now? Though of the two, latter one sounds less awkword, and is preferable colloquially. In speech, shortness (without distortion of meaning) is preffered. Longer ones sound awkword.

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@paridhis It's not about akwardness or anything else...both of these sentences are 100 correct. Whether you understand the essence of it or not grammar is always an issue. Need is used as Modal here...and modals don't take infinitives (To) however need is also used as main verb in that case first sentence should go like this..Needs he to work there now ? it's grammatically healthy now..your 2nd sentence is perfect and sound..as Modals are used in plural form sans to.

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