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Join at Startup Summit LIVE from 24th July to 26th July 2020. The event is for new age entrepreneurs, budding startups and all the others to learn the best strategies for growing your business, the impact of COVID-19 on the sectors and how to overcome it to stay ahead in the game. 

Major speakers include Fabrice Grinda (Co-founder fjlabs, Super Angel and earned $350M+ from exits), Pavel Cherkashin (Managing Partner & Founder, Mindrock Capital) and a 100 more.

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Bibek Keshari Sahu
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Major speakers include Fabrice Grinda (Co-founder fjlabs, Super Angel and earned $350M+ from exits), Pavel Cherkashin (Managing Partner & Founder, Mindrock Capital) and a 100 more.

Book your Tickets Now “ LIMITED SEATS “ ( Use Coupon code- bibek_ks ) to get tickets minimum @ 99 INR. #startupsummitlive

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Blogging Tips > Successful Blogging Tips 2020 ! Is Online Blogging Makes Money or Not Best Ideas

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What do you need to know before applying to study abroad in UK 

While an education plan in itself is a massive decisions, certain factors about the Destination of studies might help you take a better and more favorable decision for yourself. 

Ground Work

First, if you already know someone in the UK or have previously studied abroad, then talk to them. Next step is to plug on the internet resources and information regarding Overseas education in UK.

Visit the nearest branch of Admissify for free research counselling for Study Abroad UK 2020 and also Scholarship to Study in UK for Indian Students. Don't be hesitant to ask questions about the course or other arrangements.

It is important to plan and manage a budget for the UK in terms of financing your studies. UNAID has a useful calculator for international students. This is a good tool to help you find a reasonable budget to study and live abroad.

Visas and Paperwork

To enable you to study in UK, make sure you have all the relevant documentation and visas. Ask your counselor about the paperwork you need to study abroad. They'll be happy to assist you!

A smart idea is to spend a year living in university accommodation and then make some friends in your final university years to live. University accommodation is a great place to meet new people, and although it may be overwhelming for anyone who comes from another country. Only know that every student is in the same place as you are, so need not worry. ank Accounts

When you stay in the UK for a period of more than a couple of months, it is recommended that you open a savings account. This will make it possible for you to pay the mortgage and spend your money safe.

UK banks are fairly strict about the account opening criteria. This is because normally credit items are attached, and they need to thoroughly check the data. You would need the following: 

Identification–a passport is generally a required

Proof of residence–not only from home but even in this country, 

documents such as statements are acceptable proof of income–this can mean a background check and interview to determine that you can uphold your account.

in order to gain a student account, you would need evidence of your student status, which is usually your University's confirmation letter. Remember to always check with the bank what particular requirements they have so that the relevant documents can be better prepared for you. 

It could be overwhelming at first to go around in the UK since there are many choices. By simplifying your options, we are here to help you. If you're traveling nearby, look for a student bus pass or try biking.

Stagecoach is a UK bus company that offers a UniRider pass for a year. This is a cheap and easy way to move around the area, and throughout the year you can save a lot of money while you pursue your study in UK.

The subway is most often the fastest way to get around if you're in London. Sometimes, take a look at the Oyster card for a trip to London. It's the cheapest option by far.

The two main national travel options throughout the UK are by train or bus.

Trains are often the fastest and easiest way to get around the UK. Tickets must be scheduled in advance tickets as early as possible to save cash (up to 80% off). First Transpennine Express provides the cheapest train fares since there are no booking charges.

Coaches are a cheaper option to trains but sometimes they can take twice as long before they arrive. Our top pick to save money is Megabus, with travel between major cities starting at £ 1. If you can't find a suitable point of arrival and departure, try National Express because they provide the UK's largest network of coaches.

You might wonder what your rights and opportunities are if you want some extra income or hands on experience. The basic answer is that you will be free to work while you are studying and probably after your studies have been completed. An foreign student in the UK is generally allowed to work during the school term up to 20 hours a week, and during the holidays full time. See official guidelines at the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs for more information.

When you intend to study in the UK, joining a student association is a great way to meet people. You may encounter people from other cultures who have the same classes and personal preferences as you. It can also keep you up to date on the locations and famous hangouts you need to see, which most freshers might not have.

Along with your plans for study abroad scholarships, ensure that you speak to your respective consultant about any resources that may be made available to support your studies. Several local organisations also provide bursaries for international students looking forward to Study in UK.

While having your Overseas education in UK, one of the things you need to know is that you can get a discount for students almost everywhere. Between shops and restaurants to entertainment and engineering, all you need to do is flash your student ID card to take advantage of these discounts.

The UK's weather may be quite volatile, so wear clothes for all weather conditions. Cardigans and light jackets are a must; around October it usually begins to get cold. During the winter, layers will help you keep dry. A good winter coat that will keep you warm and dry, a hat and some warm gloves is also worth buying.

For more details about the Overseas education in UK, contact Admissify or download the free app of Admissify today. By downloading the free app, you will be able to visit and check more than 100 universities in Australia, talk to out alumni counselors and register for deserving university immediately through your application. Admissify is a UK-based company with multiple offices in India as well. Also, discover the scholarship opportunities uk available for you, by asking Admissify free. Admissify is with you from application to accommodation!

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Top 10 secrets to Study Abroad in the UK


Study abroad in the UK 2020 is one of the best ways to grow as a student, improve and experience your overseas education. Being an international student, you have hundreds of destinations to choose from and the United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study With thousands of course available to students, the UK and its universities have an unquestionable reputation for academic excellence and quality, as well as being an ideal destination for over a million international students from all over the world since many decades.

You should consider to study in UK for a variety of reasons. Some of these factors may be purely academic for you, but in addition to high-quality education, if you choose to study in UK, you can derive a great deal of value from this one-of - a-kind experience. 

Following are 10 convincing reasons why you should choose to study in UK if you are researching options for where to study abroad.

1. Focused degrees: it's for you to study in the UK, If you know exactly what to study. Compared to the broad-based curriculum found in American post-secondary institutions, their degrees are more professionally oriented.

2. Shorter degrees that save you time: A typical undergraduate degree in the UK is 3 years (except in Scotland) compared to a 4 year program in other developed countries, and the typical master degree is 12 months where the rest of the world gives you a 2 year program. You can start your career before your friends by completing your schooling faster!

3. Save your money: By completing your degree 1 year before your ideal academic year, you can save all the expense of postgraduate studies that you would have paid for the extra year.

4. Study abroad Scholarships and financial support: There are plenty of scholarship options, especially at master’s degree and research levels, to support studying and living costs, which Indian students who worry about expensive tuition fees don't have to lose sleep for, and can attain good scholarships to study in UK. 

5. Home to Some of the World’s Best Universities: To study in UK means to study at the best known university. In the global university rankings, the UK has six schools leading the spectrum of education and research. Among these lies the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, both of which have a 100% rating within academic terms. There is a reason why the UK manufactures 14% of the most cited research papers in the world! Therefore, it is most likely that your UK credentials are recognized in any country in which you work.

6. International hub: Once you study in the UK you can travel and work in a world-class city's host country: London. UK can be your launch pad for other global prospects, with its talented and diverse multitude of people.

7. Health benefits: The NHS is a full-time program where Indian students in UK are eligible to receive free medical treatment. Also, when they stay with you during the curriculum, your spouse / partner and/or dependent children will be exempt from payment. The university or college may also have a specific student health policy.

8. The best possible place to study and learn English: English fluency is an advantage to almost any organization on the global employment market, and there is no place to learn English and practice better than in the UK.

9. Unique countryside sites: The British countryside is a beautiful sight to see after all those hours of learning and running around cities: charming tea shops, small villages, toy shops, and typical British food are some of the items you can encounter in the regions of Wales, Yorkshire Dales, and the Lake District. Adding bliss to your study abroad in UK. 

10. UK work visas for foreign graduates to be extended to two years: After brexit, the post- study work visa for international students is extended up to 2 years which was primarily only restricted to 6 months. Rendering international students especially Indians more time for them sustain better job opportunities. 


Mentioned above and more, are some sound reasons which should be stable cause for you to go for your overseas education in UK. Study in UK would be a life changing decision for a student, providing you with the best and most prospective future. 

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Are you looking for top universities in Ireland for higher education?

Ireland, one of the leading nations in terms of high quality education is one of the chosen countries among international students who want to study abroad for their higher education. Irish universities are one of the best universities around the world which not only provides tuition free education but also numerous types of scholarships, grants and bursaries to its international students. Listings below are top 10 universities in Ireland

1.      Trinity College Dublin


Established in 1592, Trinity College of Dublin is the oldest university in the republic of Ireland. Not only it provides huge range of courses but also supports its students by being a personal teacher and a Career Consulting Service based on campus itself.

2.      University college of Dublin(UCD)

University college of Dublin which was founded in 1854 is Ireland’s second top best university. Currently UCD enrolled 34,000 students under bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs. UCD comprises of five colleges, 34 schools and 18 institutes and centres of research.UCD is recognized as “Ireland Global University.”

3.      University College Cork(UCC)


Cork University College (UCC) is a research-oriented, globally dynamic college that plays an important role in the development of knowledge-based economy in Ireland.UCC contains 80 student’s society which includes academic, political, religious and charitable societies. It also contains 50 sports club which includes- indoor and outdoor sports.

4.      National University of Ireland, Galway

Established in 1845 as “Queen’s college Galway” is a post secondary teaching and research institute. The university has recently received significant investment and now features a student centre, a human biology study building, theatre and performance centre.

5.      Maynooth University


Maynooth provides a variety of undergraduate and doctoral programs with almost 13,000 foreign students from more than 90 nations, including business, law and healthcare. Maynooth is leading international researchers who are committed to, and related to; their students provide the teaching is excellent. Maynooth have a large collegial community.

6.      Dublin City University (DCU)

DCU is a young, vibrant and adventurous college with unique task in educating, researching and innovating to change life and cultures. Globally recognized as “University that looks to the future” DCU contains several research and enterprise hubs in the university that facilitate partnerships among academics and external organisations.

7.      University of Limerick

The Limerick University is a distinctive, innovative and well recognized university, shaping the future through education and capacity to address tomorrow’s real challenges. University of Limerick enrols more than 12,000 students each year. A unique characteristic of this university is that all students are eligible for an 8-month university-coordinated work placement in the Cooperative Education Programme.

8.      Dublin Institute of Technology(DIT)

One of the Ireland’s leading educational institutions, DIT was established in the year 1992 with the aim to provide an innovative and educational environment to its every student. It offers about 150 undergraduate and post-graduate courses in the subject of arts, tourism, enterprise, engineering the built environment, science and health.

9.      Royal College of Surgeons

Established in the year 1784, Royal College of surgeons is a private college for higher education. Students, who are looking for best college in Ireland for health and medical studies, should defiantly apply in this university. Although it provides degree in various bachelors, masters and doctoral programs, medical study and research is the top rated subject in this university.

10.  Cork Institute of Technology

A public institution which was founded in the year 1974, Cork Institute is the largest university for higher education which enrols more than 17,000 students. The university’s top chosen subjects are-bachelors in Arts, business, Medical, Engineering, Science and technology.

To know more about Top Universities in Ireland, get in touch with Admissify orDownload the Free admissify app today and search over 100universities in Ireland, chat to alumni counsellors and apply directly through admissify for top scholarship opportunities. Simplify with admissify.

Admissify is a UK based company with multiple offices in India and having many top UK university alumni working for them in India and London. Being the market leader for admissions and accommodation in the UK makes them the favourite choice when applying for a scholarship to study in Ireland.

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Try Transport India Logistics services. TransportinIndia is the largest Transport service provider in India which provide heavy haulage.

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I have a blog Media4pillar , is an online news publishing platform, where we post and share news on all categories, Sports, Political, Trends, State, City, Country, 

Entertainment etc.

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