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ME !! - Kanchan Puniya - I made my life easy when I started believing myself and left all people with negativity and disbelief.

Did online classes as my schedule is very hectic.

Graduate from DU, Gmat : Feb 2020 GMAT – 710, Genpect :)) 

I was mentored by Mba Wizards and am all the way obliged to them. here I am penning down my experience and advice for GMAT aspirants and unique study circle style.

I am telling you one thing out rightly clear right in the start - Planning for one of the toughest and indeed one of the most astute management examinations can easily take a toll on you. But, that’s not all! I would give you thumbs up if you have the right set of strategies and innovation. These strategies and innovation don’t mean you are using the sledgehammer to crack a nut. Manthan Methodology, although you many of you may not have heard of, proved a smooth sailing for me. What I am going to list here is the secret and a successful study pattern that you should follow while studying for GMAT Exam.

1- Begin with a Manthan and End with a Manthan – I would straightaway put that applying Manthan Methodology in GMAT Preparation helped me in dealing with the problems related to resolving the tricky questions. It is a customized preparation method adopted by me and my tutor, which helped me to gradually attain the level of perfection required in real-time test conditions. Manthan methodology is an adaptive way of preparing the aspirants for GMAT. It is based on self-assessment and removing the gaps in learning and analysis. Practicing Manthan Methodology involves psychology testing, attempting to questionnaire for self-assessment, and one-on-one interaction of an aspirant with tutors. Besides, as part of this unique prep methodology, I continued developing a subject-wise understanding. And soon I began to found that everything is easy. All those hiccups relating to concepts were just gone. I would like to give you one suggestion - If you want to practices a successful Manthan Methodology you should always strive for a stable student-tutor partnership.

Here I found Mentors were having the aim of giving GYAN rather than only having a focus on going through the syllabus, more than fulfilling official responsibilities. So the association resulted in interest for knowledge which thus resulted in better preparation for the exam.

2 – Prepare a Flexible GMAT Study Schedule – GMAT preparation is not rote learning, and if you are doing it from the first day, don’t think of success. In my case, I was always against cramming. I think it is the biggest foolish thing that any aspirant would like to do. Most of the second and third attempters happen to be rote learners, and they strongly believe in the religion of cramming. Preparing for this level of examination means you have to run for a marathon. Critical and analytical thinking is the must-have potential that you should have built inside from the very start. It was my first attempt and I got impressive scores. I put a lot of effort into elements of logic and flexible solutions and it was like placing an appropriate stitch in time. Deliberate scheduling and pointing the dates on the calendar between the learning and practice tests helped me in enhancing my skills and simultaneously built up my stamina too. I did not go for the bated breath, or it would have already killed my problem-solving skills in a moment.

3 – Work out on Concepts and Accuracy – I applied the idea of practice in again, again and again, even if it meant biting the bullet. If you cannot practice on your concepts on deeper levels by applying the smartest ever Manthan methodology success in GMAT Exam is still at large. I purposely went from basic to medium and then stepped on the most advanced practice test questions. I also thought to myself that learning concepts will not be helpful if I have not reached the levels where I could not solve the trickiest questions. Furthermore, the command on concepts along with high accuracy rates in problem-solving soon turned me into an efficient test taker, and this was the time I thought of hitting the Bull’s eye.

4 – Practice Every Week – Now that I had boned up on, everything else stopped on rigorous practice. This is the time when I considered testing my skills, concepts, and even attitude. Sitting for practice tests at the end of each week helped me in reviewing the areas that I thought, required more understanding. If the need arises, you can once again deliberately opt for applying Manthan methodology in GMAT preparation. Re-construct yourself by reducing the stress levels and managing the time efficiently in the grey areas. It is definitely not the time for spooling my fellow GMAT aspirants.

5 – Short Breaks during GMAT Preparations – You may brood out of the sheer reasoning that you are sitting in a box seat all this while because you have burnt the midnight oil preparing for GMAT Exam. I give you my take here - taking short breaks during your study schedules will definitely act as a prep buster. If you are spending a full one hour on your GMAT studies, it is worthwhile to consider taking at least two minutes of stretch break. You deserve it for your comfort and de-stressing.

6- Don’t Compare with Your Peers – I never did that through my entire study regime. I always encourage self-study as it is always the best GMAT Exam preparation strategy. You don’t need to compare with your peers what kind of study pattern or prep schedule are they aiming at for their examination. Mind it, healthy group discussions, and comparative analysis with your peers will always lead you one step close to success.

Want to give a thought to my way of GMAT Preparation

And now for all you GMAT test aspirants, it is the opportune time for you to decide GMAT Preparation with MbaWizards. You are not only receiving GMAT training by experienced faculties, but you also have the advantage of gaining the benefit from unique and effective Manthan Methodology, which means a sure short success. I was blessed with their superior guidance and the unique Manthan Methodology. www.mbawizards.co.in 

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