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Hi everyone, I am done with the GMAT exam. Now I am selling the below-Paid resources for aspirants like you -

1) E-GMAT Verbal Videos + Practice Questions + Scholoranium Questions in PDF (SC and CR)

2) eGMAT Online New Account 6 Months validity - $150

3) GMAT Club Test (3 Months Validity) - $50

4) Target Test Prep Videos

5) Manhattan Live Prep Videos

6) Kaplan Prep Videos

7) Veritas Prep Video.

8) GMAT PrepNow Videos

9) Quantum GMAT Video

10) All the ebooks you will ever need for GMAT Prep.

11) Free MOCK Test Links

12) Official Guide Bundle 2020 and before.

All are premium course content.

Please connect with me via WhatsApp at +1 6365511423. I will be able to reply better. Only folks who are serious in buying connect with me. Cheers and Best of luck for your exam

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Price for e GMAT ?

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@Shivam2995 Inbox pls

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