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Hey Puys, Can anyone suggest best online GMAT coaching website? I want to start preparing ASAP. Please respond. :: Sonali
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I have following content available :-

GMAT Official Guide 2021 (Verbal Review + Quant Review + OG Review) 

GMAT Official Guide 2020 (Verbal Review + Quant Review + OG Review) 

Manhattan prep live videos 

Crackverbal course (Quant+Verbal+IR) 4 months validity

Manhattan prep 2020 all three guides 

Kaplan GMAT prep plus 2020

EGMAT Verbal Videos

Veritas Quant+Verbal Videos

Complete Jamboree Course (6 months Validity)

Contact at : +91 9899826126 for more info

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Hi Guys ,If you are facing some issue in GMAT Course , 

I am Willing to share my premium GMAT  and material Content list: 

1) EGMAT video as well as study material separate SC Section also  

2) MAGOOSH GMAT entire course - verbal+quant 

3).Various study materials for preparation like OG And Manhatten Others..

Connect on whats app / Call 

URL - 

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Hi Guys,

I have a big collection of Official Guide, OG - Verbal, Manhattan - Sentence Correction and 6-8 other essential books for GMAT prep. As I am done with the exam, I intend to donate these. 

Kindly note this is free of cost and the pick up has to be done from BEML Layout, near Kundalahalli Gate in Bangalore. 

If anyone interested, kindly contact on -

I am very new on PG. Kindly help in sharing this on other groups too.

Thank you!

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Hi Guys ,If you are facing some issue in GMAT Course , 

I am Willing to share my premium GMAT account and material Content list: 

1) EGMAT video as well as study material separate SC Section also  

2) MAGOOSH GMAT entire course - verbal+quant 

3).Various study materials for preparation like OG And Manhatten Others..

Connect on whats app / Call 

URL - 

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Please let me know if these are still available

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yes they are available ,please connect on  

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Hey guys, I have GMAT MAGOOSH PREMIUM ACCOUNT  that I would like to sell at a very cheap price. This account is valid till december of 2020. 

Please contact +91- 9176601665 to know more


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Hi everyone, I am done with GMAT exam and I am selling the below-Paid resources -

1) E-GMAT Verbal Videos + Practice Questions + Scholoranium Questions
2) Target Test Prep Videos
3) Manhattan Live Prep Videos
4) Kaplan Prep Videos
5) Veritas Prep Video
6) Magoosh GMAT Videos
7) Quantum GMAT Video
8) All the ebooks you will ever need for GMAT Prep. (The princeton review, The OGs, Kaplan's, Powerscore critical reasoning, Advanced Quant, etc etc)
9) Free MOCK Test Links

10) Official Guide 2020/21 Bundle

11) Gmat PrepNow and Empower Gmat SC videos.

All are premium course content.

Inbox me for Price details of individual courses or the entire set. Best of luck for your exam

Only sure way to fail is when you Quit.
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Please provide details

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For a person like me, above average in studies and successful in job. My main problem was anxiety while giving exam and it’s quite obvious when it comes to exam like GMAT, it is been considered as mother of all exams. I strongly believe that learning concepts, practicing is not a problem but your performance with computer adaptive test is a challenge.

This forum is full of advises on How, why prepare for SC, CR, RC, Quant. These are overflowing with interesting stories, good mental doses. GMATclub is also there but no one is discussing on how to deal with anxiety. What should be done to increase mental perseverance as without this training all concepts will disappear.

I give you a brief of most effective way of increasing mental perseverance, and the most rigorous test/evaluation phase is, the better it is. I had it at its best with MbaWizards. Division of test was totally random, once I reached the testing phase after completing the syllabus with sectional test. I was asked to prepare my calendar for attempting test and then the whole saga started.

Difficulty level of exams was completely decided by my mentors and what I noticed 

Week 1 – 2 test, Medium difficulty level

Week 2 – 3 test, easy level

Week 3 – 2 test, High difficulty level

Week 4 – 3 test, Medium level

Week 5 – 4 test, 2 medium and 2 high difficulty level

Week 6 – 5 test, 2 high level and 3 easy level

Week 7- 3 test, highest level.

This variety made my mental level at its best to face any kind of question set at exam.

Why GMAT exam is been widely accepted by all top colleges of the world and once you truly understands this reason, you will be able to understand, what all you need to have to crack this exam. – “Am I right”

Top universities are looking for future leaders who can innovate, conceptualize, futuristic attitude and sharpest logics.

GMAT helps these universities in finding their match. So now this is how Questions are set and this is the reason why GMAT is computer adaptive test.

As a student, you need to apply most of logic and never chase concepts/formulas because it will never help. Understanding of basic concepts will help in identifying the question type only. All GMAT questions are half formula based and half logic based so if you apply only formula, your answer is definitely wrong.

And this training can only be provided by seasoned mentors. 

Standardized testing systems like the GMAT, test your patience, perseverance, and knowledge. The stakes involved in these standardized systems are pretty high, and therefore anxiety is very much an obvious outcome. You have the cheese and the chalk together. The kind of preparation you make for exam will decide your career as well as future prospects. 

Anxiety, while preparing for the GMAT Examination, exists on several levels. The kind of preparation strategy that you set up, is going to reduce test anxiety, and simultaneously increases the level of enthusiasm. Before it becomes really important to curb your anxiety related to test preparation, you need to understand what is test anxiety?

Test anxiety is a blend of irrational stress and fear towards imminent failure that may bring the confidence levels of the aspirant to an all-time low. Stress results in palpitations, delirium and there are also moments of over anxiousness when the aspirant is in a state of utter indecision. Preparing for tests means a loss in academic performance. But there are other concerns too, which come as the result of test anxiety. 

There are several contradictions and points of contention that continue in your minds. Most of the time, the applicant just doesn’t have familiarity with the test format. He may also lack the vigil of the type of questions that may come up. At times the anxiety may also be induced because the standardized test is critically timed and every time you make a decision, it should not be without any reason.  

If for a moment, you are not able to resolve the question or may take more than the required time, the heart starts pulsating quickly. The applicant starts feeling enervated, and whatever effort he plans for solving the question, the solution is just lurking at large. Therefore, anxiety is automatically induced in the mind. 

English is not my first language, but I went to a school where English was teaching medium. I would rank myself as an avid reader of English books, novels etc. Of all the time I spent preparing for GMAT, 75% time was spent on Verbal and of that almost 60% was spent on SC. However, something in the SC section of GMAT just wont 'click' for me. I completed OG problems in all sections - twice!. I still could never get the 700+, 'hard' SC problems. This is where MBA wizard played a vital role in mastering SC by providing a ‘structure' to solving SC which goes beyond theory.

Main stepping stones when you are preparing and combating anxiety at various level, few tips from my side. Am not an expert but still my experience may be of help to few aspirants.

a. Struggle in Preparing the Test – When you are showing the signs of test anxiety, you start worrying about your performance in the examination right at the beginning of it. There are times when you start feeling the goose bumps and this is the point your performance begins to depreciate. And when this level is reached, you find excessive difficulty in understanding the concepts. 

b.  Doubting on Your Preparation – You may be preparing well for the GMAT Exam, but still, there is an air of doubts shuddering your efforts. You have doubts beyond the reason to perform the best in GMAT Examination. This kind of self-doubting would make your performance on the date of examination fall beyond the recognition. 

c. Appearance of Physiological Symptoms – There is also a unique set of situations when the applicant starts facing physiological symptoms like sweating, headaches and muscular cramps too. These symptoms may put you in extremely stressful conditions and all your attention towards the GMAT Exam preparation is lost within seconds. You may not be able to place concentration on what is written in the question. The worst condition is that you may end up in a complete blank out of the situation. 

d. Supernumerary Symptoms – Such symptoms may likely vary from individual to individual. In such type of symptoms, the extent of concentration levels may pump up or down. The individual may also suffer from drowsiness. 

On my D- Day and before

I did not touch any books or even listening to recordings with tips and tricks being discussed. Only light food and juices and meditational music. No phone calls with friends or relatives.

Woke up just 3 hours before test so that there is no hush hush for bathing and breakfast. I took a cab instead of driving myself to centre with a margin of half an hour for reaching.

So kept myself on safer side with extra time:)

And admission to ISB, got my reward of my hard work and Thanks to my mentors for guiding me right.

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There is a famous story of a Two Woodcutters – they used to go together to the jungle to cut wood and one (let’s name him X) guy used to cut more in comparison to other (let’s name him Y) so the Y wondered and asked him that what’s the difference that you gets more and me less, X answered that every morning before coming to the jungle “I sharpen my axe which helps me in getting good results”

This is where mentoring helps, it sharpens your axe, and otherwise, Y also knew on “How to cut wood”, isn’t it

Many of us have not been great at taking standardized exams. Therefore when they see their score, they are pleasantly surprised. Reasons can be many, some students are slow to test taker and require a lot of time on exams and they usually complain of not finishing the exam on time and some students wrongly focus on topics or stuff which pull them down from their target score.

So for those of you who are not hitting your desired scores, here are few tips which could be handy.

590 (Q37, V34) -> 720 (Q43, V46)

About me

I am a non-native but an international educated kid so my reading comprehension fairs a little bit better. My math sucks ball. I had to relearn basic arithmetic.

I took the test on (March 17, 2020) and walked out of the room as if I was possessed by a ghost! I have been hoping for above 700 but didn't think that I could achieve that good of a score. Considering that I only had one and a half months to prepare for the second attempt with the first attempt scoring 590.

Post-MBA goals: I will transform and expand my family business so it stops dealing with very conventional products.

It was MBA Wizards that allowed me to hit the Q43 within 6 weeks. In order to get to this score, they first suggested me to familiarize myself with the basic concept of Maths and be a 100% accurate for questions 1 - 200 for PS in the OG

I struggled most with basic arithmetic.

MBA Wizards foundation Maths was all I need to get myself back to speed. The little tips and tricks they gave during the classes helped me realize math shortcuts. The institute helped me see that on certain types of questions, there is no need to go DO FULL CALCULATION you can basically eliminate choices and choose the nearest best.

Most of the concepts they teach during the course, if you understand and consumed it all, I bet you'd hit a Q51. What made the difference for this course was its in-depth analysis of the type of MISTAKES (gap area identification) you could make and THE TRAPS that the test writers created. I was able to hit Q43 only because of Manthan Methodology.

On one small note, I want to suggest the elimination of the AD/BCE grid. To me, this is a waste of time, why? Because you should be focusing on the statements rather than eliminating questions by writing so many strokes down on paper. Strokes = time and time is of the essence in GMAT.

So what did I do for DS questions? Since MBA Wizards made me work on SO MANY QUESTIONS, my brain automatically tells me which choices to choose. The practice is POWER with right directed mentoring.

Notes: IT IS POSSIBLE TO IMPROVE FROM 590! And it is very possible to go from 590 to 720 within 6 weeks!!!!! Do not give up!

590 (Q37, V34) -> 720 (Q43, V46)

Materials I used along the way in chronological order:

- MBAWizards entire study material

- OG
- Powerscore Bible for CR/SC/RC
- GMAT Club

6 weeks of pain, sweat, blood, and tear

GMAT Strategies

Overall Strategy:
What truly made the difference for me is the way I approach the questions during practice. For each question I did wrong, I will do it 3 - 4 times until I get it right. I will then perform what I call an error analysis log where the faulty at institute played a very vital role in helping me identify what did I do wrong and how to prevent it and structure analysis (understand what the question is testing) of the questions. Once I completed the analysis, I redo the questions again in different ways but this time the methods must be under one minute. This allowed me to have a huge arsenal of ways to attack the problems. Versatility is key.

If you see a question on the test that you simply don't know how to do or never seen before, don't bother wasting time spinning your head on it. Chances are likely that you will waste a considerable amount of time thinking about it or freaking out about it, and then end up guessing or working it through just to get it wrong anyway. Better to just skip the question and save the time for something you CAN do. You can afford to skip questions and still get a 700+ on the exam. NEVER EVER waste time on questions you don't know how to tackle.

Quant Strategy (Q37 -> Q43)

- Know what they are asking for and what you should look for
- Know what concepts they are taking & what possible traps they're trying to throw in your face
- Know to use shortcuts & number testing
- Use different strategies to approach the questions
- Dump the question you have no CLUE
- Learn to TRIAGE and understand answer choice patterns!
- Ditch the AD/BCE grid

Verbal Strategy (V34 -> V46)

- Know the common traps and wrong questions!!
- Know how to identify what types of questions you are dealing with
- Read a lot of books/articles
- Practice practice practice
- Always ask yourself: is this answer debatable

V34 is quite achievable if you understand the basic concepts of SC/CR and RC. By basic concepts, I mean knowing the possibilities of what could be tested on the test day. However, I want to stress that the BEST material for tackling GMAT verbal is official GMAT material on which I emphasized a lot during the learning days.

From V34 – V46, Teachers at institute suggested that I start focusing on questions that I GOT WRONG and perform analysis on why the hell I messed up. At first, when you approach verbal questions, all you would feel is "Oh my Gosh, they all look the same and it all looks right. This reaction means that you can STILL TRAIN your brain to detect the subtle differences that make an answer right or wrong. Always go through what you did wrong and find ways to prevent those mistakes.

V34 - V46 for me took a lot of practice. As someone who has taken A LOT OF STUDY MATERIALS, I would say hands down course structure was the best. Nothing beats these guys for teaching you the basic concepts. However, in order to take things to a different level, you need to be able to come up with an understanding of your own and apply them rigorously. The reason I am saying this is because MBAWizards question bank helped me out the most in developing my understanding.

They have different sections for the Advance level practice question.

For SC
I took their 100 SC question bank and did it religiously... I think each question took me a good 15 minutes. The best part about the institute was they helped me highlight ALL THE POSSIBLE entry points I can go in to tackle the questions. Doing such exercises allowed me to apply what I learned from them. SC is the easiest section you can improve on!

For CR

QUESTION TYPES. QUESTION TYPES. QUESTION TYPES. Learn religiously to apply how to approach different question types. You need to be able to understand the questions stem and go in your head OH THIS IS WEAKEN, OH THIS IS INFERENCE! This radar allowed me to pre-prep in my brain what type of wrong answers I will face. This allowed me to eliminate a lot of unnecessary answers.

However, selecting the right answer is a little bit different. When I manage to POE to 2 answer choices, instead of asking myself which one is correct, I asked 'which one can I debate into oblivion'. BOOM. The right answer popped up top.

Another thing I did for the last 2 weeks before the 2nd try was go through MBAWizards questions and for each question type, I try to categorize what the test takers were trying to test you. For example, I found that an assumption type question comes in forms of sampling errors (population must be representative), causation-effect errors (cause must lead to effect). Of course, I made those terms up so I can better remember what GMAT was trying to do.

For RC
First and foremost, find the reading strategy that is right for you. What I learned @ MBA Wizards was reading through everything, jotting down summaries of what I read, and pausing after every paragraph to tell myself what the hell the author is trying to get me to think.

Second, understand the question types that are tested. One of the good things about RC is that there's an overlap with CR's inference type questions. So what I did was pour myself into understanding how to best tackle inference questions. If answers are not written in the passage in any way or form IT IS WRONG!!! Also, a tip for main purpose/passage idea type questions, learn the verbs that the questions use (analyze, summarize, argue, contended), and map those words to passages. I became very familiar with how passages are structure to convey a certain message because of this analysis. I think I knock the main purpose/passage idea out into the ocean.

Another best part of MBAWizards was that they emphasize a lot on time management techniques too. There were many, few of them I have listed below

1. Redo the QUESTIONS YOU HAVE in less than one minute. Redoing means writing everything down on paper to reach the answer not just randomly pointing to the right one because you remember it.
2. Basic concepts first, then time yourself later!
3. Practice. Practice. Practice.
4. I suggest you throw away the AD/BCE grid and go with using lines ( - - - - - ) vertically to eliminate your questions

I built stamina through doing questions for 3 - 6 hours a day almost continuously for the first 3 months. After that, I studied for 2 hours a day because it was a bit too much. You've just gotta train yourself the same way someone trains to build abs.

Things I started doing that contributed to a higher score:

- Every time I take CAT I will analyze EVERY SINGLE QUESTION and ANSWER CHOICES
- be distract free in the exam room, use an earplug. Seriously, in every exam I went to someone would SIGH VERY LOUDLY!
- Faculty helped me perform structure and error analysis EVERY DAMN TIME,

- redoing the old questions
- be 100% correct on ALL easy questions and 75 - 80% on hard questions
- binge-watching TV shows so I become stress-free
- be okay with making stupid mistakes but learn to correct them rigorously
- review previous errors and how to avoid them every day
- move on to harder questions ONLY WHEN YOU GET EASY ONES CORRECT!! Adding to this the key improvement happened because of the Error log that my mentors prepared and Mocks of varied difficulty levels provided to me randomly.

Overall I would like to say that other than exam strategies, your own psychological well being is also important. Always give yourself a break and don't fear failure.

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ME !! - Kanchan Puniya - I made my life easy when I started believing myself and left all people with negativity and disbelief.

Did online classes as my schedule is very hectic.

Graduate from DU, Gmat : Feb 2020 GMAT – 710, Genpect :)) 

I was mentored by Mba Wizards and am all the way obliged to them. here I am penning down my experience and advice for GMAT aspirants and unique study circle style.

I am telling you one thing out rightly clear right in the start - Planning for one of the toughest and indeed one of the most astute management examinations can easily take a toll on you. But, that’s not all! I would give you thumbs up if you have the right set of strategies and innovation. These strategies and innovation don’t mean you are using the sledgehammer to crack a nut. Manthan Methodology, although you many of you may not have heard of, proved a smooth sailing for me. What I am going to list here is the secret and a successful study pattern that you should follow while studying for GMAT Exam.

1- Begin with a Manthan and End with a Manthan – I would straightaway put that applying Manthan Methodology in GMAT Preparation helped me in dealing with the problems related to resolving the tricky questions. It is a customized preparation method adopted by me and my tutor, which helped me to gradually attain the level of perfection required in real-time test conditions. Manthan methodology is an adaptive way of preparing the aspirants for GMAT. It is based on self-assessment and removing the gaps in learning and analysis. Practicing Manthan Methodology involves psychology testing, attempting to questionnaire for self-assessment, and one-on-one interaction of an aspirant with tutors. Besides, as part of this unique prep methodology, I continued developing a subject-wise understanding. And soon I began to found that everything is easy. All those hiccups relating to concepts were just gone. I would like to give you one suggestion - If you want to practices a successful Manthan Methodology you should always strive for a stable student-tutor partnership.

Here I found Mentors were having the aim of giving GYAN rather than only having a focus on going through the syllabus, more than fulfilling official responsibilities. So the association resulted in interest for knowledge which thus resulted in better preparation for the exam.

2 – Prepare a Flexible GMAT Study Schedule – GMAT preparation is not rote learning, and if you are doing it from the first day, don’t think of success. In my case, I was always against cramming. I think it is the biggest foolish thing that any aspirant would like to do. Most of the second and third attempters happen to be rote learners, and they strongly believe in the religion of cramming. Preparing for this level of examination means you have to run for a marathon. Critical and analytical thinking is the must-have potential that you should have built inside from the very start. It was my first attempt and I got impressive scores. I put a lot of effort into elements of logic and flexible solutions and it was like placing an appropriate stitch in time. Deliberate scheduling and pointing the dates on the calendar between the learning and practice tests helped me in enhancing my skills and simultaneously built up my stamina too. I did not go for the bated breath, or it would have already killed my problem-solving skills in a moment.

3 – Work out on Concepts and Accuracy – I applied the idea of practice in again, again and again, even if it meant biting the bullet. If you cannot practice on your concepts on deeper levels by applying the smartest ever Manthan methodology success in GMAT Exam is still at large. I purposely went from basic to medium and then stepped on the most advanced practice test questions. I also thought to myself that learning concepts will not be helpful if I have not reached the levels where I could not solve the trickiest questions. Furthermore, the command on concepts along with high accuracy rates in problem-solving soon turned me into an efficient test taker, and this was the time I thought of hitting the Bull’s eye.

4 – Practice Every Week – Now that I had boned up on, everything else stopped on rigorous practice. This is the time when I considered testing my skills, concepts, and even attitude. Sitting for practice tests at the end of each week helped me in reviewing the areas that I thought, required more understanding. If the need arises, you can once again deliberately opt for applying Manthan methodology in GMAT preparation. Re-construct yourself by reducing the stress levels and managing the time efficiently in the grey areas. It is definitely not the time for spooling my fellow GMAT aspirants.

5 – Short Breaks during GMAT Preparations – You may brood out of the sheer reasoning that you are sitting in a box seat all this while because you have burnt the midnight oil preparing for GMAT Exam. I give you my take here - taking short breaks during your study schedules will definitely act as a prep buster. If you are spending a full one hour on your GMAT studies, it is worthwhile to consider taking at least two minutes of stretch break. You deserve it for your comfort and de-stressing.

6- Don’t Compare with Your Peers – I never did that through my entire study regime. I always encourage self-study as it is always the best GMAT Exam preparation strategy. You don’t need to compare with your peers what kind of study pattern or prep schedule are they aiming at for their examination. Mind it, healthy group discussions, and comparative analysis with your peers will always lead you one step close to success.

Want to give a thought to my way of GMAT Preparation

And now for all you GMAT test aspirants, it is the opportune time for you to decide GMAT Preparation with MbaWizards. You are not only receiving GMAT training by experienced faculties, but you also have the advantage of gaining the benefit from unique and effective Manthan Methodology, which means a sure short success. I was blessed with their superior guidance and the unique Manthan Methodology. 

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best- thanks

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Hi everyone, I am done with the GMAT exam. Now I am selling the below-Paid resources for aspirants like you -

1) E-GMAT Verbal Videos + Practice Questions + Scholoranium Questions in PDF (SC and CR)

2) eGMAT Online New Account 6 Months validity - $150

3) GMAT Club Test (3 Months Validity) - $50

4) Target Test Prep Videos

5) Manhattan Live Prep Videos

6) Kaplan Prep Videos

7) Veritas Prep Video.

8) GMAT PrepNow Videos

9) Quantum GMAT Video

10) All the ebooks you will ever need for GMAT Prep.

11) Free MOCK Test Links

12) Official Guide Bundle 2020 and before.

All are premium course content.

Please connect with me via WhatsApp at +1 6365511423. I will be able to reply better. Only folks who are serious in buying connect with me. Cheers and Best of luck for your exam

Only sure way to fail is when you Quit.
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Price for e GMAT ?

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@Shivam2995 Inbox pls

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