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Are you interested in MBA entrance exams? And, are you confused about how to start your preparation? Or, are you looking for your classmates and other students from Chennai who are interested in MBA entrance tests? This thread is dedicated to CrackVerbal - Chennai and MBA entrance preparation in general. Start posting now and make a whole new group of friends!

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Any body doing their prep by attending classes in Crackverbal, Chennai ?? How is their material and the staff ??? Please let me know of any info. I am particularly interested in taking a nice verbal coaching.

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Even I'm looking for GMAT COACHING in Chennai. , guys any one help me if u attend any cochinngy Chennai

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Firstly, sorry about the late response. I guess as no one else has replied - let me do so :mg:

Disclaimer: I am the founder of CrackVerbal

A few general points about our centre at Chennai:

#1 We are good in both Verbal and Quant. This might come as a surprise to a few as we have been traditionally strong in Verbal - but our Quant is our surprise package :mg:

#2 The course material, the handouts, and the homework (3000+ questions) is exhaustive - and definitely everything you need to do well on the GMAT

#3 Make sure you drop in for a demo class at our centre. This is a no obligation free trial where you can not only experience the faculty - but also get to know our course material, your batchmates etc.

Do drop us a line and someone will buzz you with the invite 😃

Hope this helps!


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