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Updated 14 Dec, 2014.
Goa Institute of Management is happy to announce its first List for the PGDM 2013-2015 batch. Many of you would have got the mails. Congrats to those who got the mail.

If you got the mail, check your status here - http://gim.sify.net/gim_main_login.php

EDIT on 2nd May --> All the mails for select and wait list have been sent. The same have been updated on GIM Application Log In Link as well.

Some Facts:

If you got a mail of convert, you will receive a hard copy of the call letter shortly and the further instructions will be mentioned in the same.

You will also receive a mail with all details.

Please note that this is only the preliminary list. Further lists will come after GD/PI Of Feb CMAT gets over.

For any queries from now on, kindly post here and we shall be happy entertaining them.

Some Rules:

No bad language against Institute, Current students , Alumni or future students will be tolerated, and is any such incident happens it will be informed to the moderator and the thread will be closed.

All the best to those who got through. Welcome to 2 years of fun, grilling and a wonderful career opportunity.

For entry into the group, PM us your GIM ID and Password (So that we can cross check) or the ScreenShot of your selected link on GIM Sify Home Page.

AVINASH JHA || Goa Institute of Management || 2011-13 || Admin Head, Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala
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