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Hi Friends,

I want to share my SIOM experience held on 15th of Feb

My slot was booked at 8.00 A,M,

1. First before attending the GEPI WAT, please make sure of bringing certificates with you as mentioned in your GEPI WAT hall ticket.

SIOM are considering only national level awards or recognitions for  Extra-cirricular activities.

2. You will be divided into groups depending on your slot-batch strength (6-9 members)

3. Then you are given a general topic for the essay(very general topic to check your language skills)

4. this is followed by group exercise (a topic is given for your batch, should ave some discussion among yourself and come to conclusion) also remember not to dominate or interfere others as this is group exercise not a group discussion(team work is important)

5. Final one is Personal interview, Please get prepared some technical stuff also, we have faced some technical questions regarding our specialization. You will be asked a favorite subject and do not expect all the questions are from your favorite subject.

6. Please also prepare for some knowledge on general awareness on current affairs.

All the best to all the participants........

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