GD/PI/WAT 2020 - because ending is everything

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Let's converge here to create a constructive group that uplifts its members to the peak of current affairs and interview preparation for the gruelling interviews/GDs/essays for the 2020 season. All is well that ends well.

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Puys, since we have nothing more to do before CAT 2019 than to stare at our screens and read random messages and hope for the best, I have created this group to list down current events that may be important for the coming GDPI-WAT season. We can create a list of topics that are important. These come to my mind now: 

Brexit & UK Elections

India-US WTO disputes

US-China trade war

Slowdown in India's economy - temporary or permanent

India's chances in Tokyo 2020 Olympics (a sure bet for those who have any sports as one of their hobbies!)

Developments in J&K - the impact on India's global image

The rise of one dominant national party (the BJP, of course) - the implications on India's federal set up

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