Gays/Lesbian MBA Aspirants

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This group is for all MBA aspirants of the LGBT community, especially for those who are joining the 2018-20 batch. Just a way to connect better and share our thoughts and ideas. 

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People who are joining the discussion can let know of what they're are doing, like joining MBA this year, preparing for CAT-2018, etc. I myself am joining MDI. 

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I hope that this initiative would be appreciated. Please practice caution and utilize this group for your advantage. No indeceny is expected. Let's be proud of this community and be a more connected group. 

@Sidproxima  ·  109 karma

You know LGBT community doesnt consist of only GAYS and lesbians.right?

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@MBA_Fever1  ·  0 karma

I do know that. You want me to change the name of the group?

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