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Todays Headlines (14 Dec 2016)

1.  India becomes world’s 4th largest defence spender(topped by US)

        (surpassed Russia, France, Japan and Saudi Arabia)

2. Priyanka appointed UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador

3.Zuckerberg named America's Richest Entrepreneur under 40

4.Gujarat tops list of states in LED bulb distribution

5.Malaysia enthrones new King Sultan Muhammad V

6.Yes Bank partners with Grofers to home deliver cash

7. Two Indian-origin entrepreneurs in America's richest under 40

8.Trump names ExxonMobil CEO Tillerson as Secretary of State

9.NASA is building a robotic spacecraft dubbed as ‘Restore-L Spacecraft’ 

     to refuel, repair satellites currently in orbit.

10.India, Russia bilateral naval exercise Indra Navy 2016 begins in Bay of Bengal

11.Rajya Sabha passes Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2014

12.6th Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development begins in New Delhi

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BRICS Meetings

    Labour, film , drug , agriculture , infrastructure—new delhi --- fdi la 

Scientist , workshop --- Bangalore 

  Urban, energy – vishkhapatnam




Disaster management- Udaipur

 Tourism – MP

 Sci & Tech – Rajasthan



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@Incr3dible bhai obituaries yaad nhi hota...uske liye koi trick dedo

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(This helped me to get 1 marks in IBPS PO mains exam)

                    NOBLE PRIZE TRICK

1> Medicine  - Yoshinori Oshumi

Do you see Dr. Auto 


2> Physics  - F. Duncan M haldane , J Michael Kosttrlitz, David J. Thovless

David Superconductor kharidne Michael ki Ducan gaye.


3> Chemistry -  Jean Pierre Souvage, Sir J. Frasen Stoddort, Bernard L. Feringa

Jean Pierry Molecular Machine k sahare kal se frazer road me ghumenge firenge.


4> Peace Prize -- Juan Manuel Santos(colombia's President)

Barso baad colombia me shanti ane se Juan ko santos huwa


5> Economics -- Oliver hart, Bengt Holomstrom

Bete ne contract theory pe kaam kar oliver ko haraya


6>Literature: Bob Dylan(singer songwriter)--- for having created new poetic expressions.

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Guys, I am making a PDF of all GK tricks I posted on pagalguy, I will share link as soon as I upload it somewhere

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thats great... thank u 👌 

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 Trick to remember Ambassador.


Haley Haley UNse Labo k Sang jiv v takra gaye.. ......we den went to kapil show..chinese-indian ki Love Zha hui...Kastdia Menu pal pal..US navtej ne

1.UN--Nikki Haley

2. Lebanon -Sanjiv

3. Sweden-- Monika Kapil Mohta

4. Chinese to India -- Luo Zhaohui

5.Austria(kastdia) -- Renu Pall(menu pal)

6. US --Navtej Sarna 

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Important Committiees --2/2

  • TV pe gun se mara
  • AK47 leke ganga me padhne gaya
  • 10GB RAM load hai Medical Council me
  • Ravina Tandon... bohot advertise karti hai
  • Akhir esko Tax lag gaya e commerce class me
  • Gen candidate ne DaBba KatKar... apna Kharcha(expenditure) diya
  • TiS Re  manjil pe Sabman laga kar Padhta(Education) hai
  • NK Sinigh k class me FiR BOM fora
  • (modi in bhasan saying) "Bhaiyo aur Mitro... yatayat keliye Taxi ka v use kare

13. TVSN Prasad committee - to look into the alternatives to pellet guns. 

14. Ak Sinha committee - to study slit in river Ganga in Bihar.

15. Justice R.M. Lodha committee  -  to oversee the functioning of Medical Council of India (MCI)

16. NK Singh committee - to review and give recommendations on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) roadmap for the future.

17. Sanjay Mitra committee - to prepare a policy framework for taxi and other transport operators in view of the ban on diesel taxis in the National Capital 

Region (NCR).

20. T S R Subramanian committee  - New Education Policy.

21. Lt Gen D B Shekatkar panel -  to relook defence expenditure.

22. B BTandon Committee - to monitor Government Advertisements

23. Akhilesh Ranjan committee - recommendations on Taxation of e-commerce 

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thora idhar udhar h par samjh ajayega 😄 

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Important Committees Part --1/2

  • Chand pe Demo karne keliye  
  • ATM me Mudra dala
  • Munni k pas Sare App hai bird flu bhagane keliye
  • Saraswti river k pas daldiya ---> by March 2017
  • GS is Very Basic
  • Subsidised pulse 5 bora bandh de
  • Iss Power ko Mata ka Prasad samjho
  • Narashima is OP(over powered)
  • P for Pradeep  and P for Pan-india
  • Mere 2 anmol Ratan ..ek debit card aur ek credit card
  • Amitabh bachan ek commerce student h
  • (In bihar tone) Sala humar Panwa pe Gariya chadha diya.Aur Garibi badha raha h humar

1.  Committee on Demonetisation - Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

2.  Recalibration of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) -Task Force headed by S.S Mundra, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

3.  Munialappa committee - to monitor the bird flu situation and help state governments take steps to contain the disease.

4.  K.S. Valdiya committee - The Saraswati river, so far considered mythical, did exist, a Government-constituted expert committee has found.

5.  GS Jha committee - to visit the Cauvery basin area and assess the ground.

6.  Hem Pande committee - to sell subsidised pulses to ensure that there is no shortage of the item during this festival season.

7.  Mata Prasad committee - suggested an overhaul in transmission planning to facilitate transfer of power on economic principles.

8.  Justice L Narasimha Reddy committee - to consider the anomalies, if any, arising out of implementation of OROP.

9.  Pradeep Kumar Sinha committee - to develop the pan-India road map for trade facilitation

10. Ratan P Watal committee - to suggest steps to promote card payments

11. Amitabh Kant committee (CEO of NITI Aayog) - to look at easing the policy regime for e-commerce players, including the rules for foreign direct investment (FDI).

12. Arvind Panagariya committee  - to prepare a road map for elimination of poverty. It has suggested setting up a committee to identify people Below Poverty Line 

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@Incr3dible thank u so much ... 👍👍👍👍👍👌

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Banking Awareness Part -- 1/7

  • 1. 3rd largest oil consumer(USA-1st) --->India
  • 2. India's first small finance bank---->Capital Local Area Bank 
  • 3. an Alternate Executive Director at IMF--->Sunil Sabharwal
  • 4. All rural post offices to connect digitally ---> by March 2017
  • 5. Green Economy Visionary Award--->Dr. R Seetharaman(CEO of Doha Bank)
  • 6.SmartUp for startups   ---> HDFC Bank
  • 7. 1st contactless credit card for SMEs ---> ICICI(powerd by VISA payWave) 
  • 8. Among world's ten biggest and most powerful  companies ---> HDFC(7th)
  • 9. 1st bank to commence--sale of Indian Gold Coin  (IGC) --> Indian Overseas
  • 10. IPPB setup expanse--800 crore rupees

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All About ICICI


     Chanda Kochhar------------->MD and CEO    


    1. Loan Overdraft Facility(for salaried customers)

    2. 1st in Software Robotics for Power Banking

    3. Mou with BRICS's NDB(1st set loan--USD 811 million)

    4. 1st Contactless mobile Payment( iTap )

    5. iWork @home programme( women employees)

    6. 1st Indian PSB in South Africa(Johannesburg)

    7. fully automated digital locker --Smart Vault

    8. Saral-Rural Housing Loan Scheme( Weaker Section)

    9. 1st Indian PSB in China(Sanghai)

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All About SBI


    1.Smt. Arundhati Bhattacharya     ------->Chairman

    2.Shri B. Sriram ----------------------------->MD 

    3.Shri Rajnish Kumar------------------------>MD 

    4.Shri P.K. Gupta---------------------------->MD

    5.Shri Dinesh Kumar Khara----------------->MD


    1. Hope Loans,

    2. Myanmar Yangon(54th foriegn)

    3. Silcher(5th zone), 

    4. Hall of shame(158)

    5. $625 million (World bank)-->solar program

    6. Mingle

    7. Mou-IIT Bombay(startups)

    8. IT Innovation Start-up Fund

    9. 1st in mobile banking

    10. Inked pact -->Spain's CaixaBank (loan to indo-spanish)

    11. SBI's POS network is Largest

    12. Tied with UBER

    13. One of the 4 banks allowed to operate in Myanmar

    14. Arundhati--1 year extension

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