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As promised.. here it is..😊

Before i start to write about us, there is something i want to confess..


I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.. I love you for the part of me that you bring out..You are every reason, every hope, every dream i have ever had.. No matter what we run into and no matter how hard the situation is, I want us to stick together. I want us to last.. I will always be yours.. 😃

So it started with the post of pandeyji aka  @UTTAM_NARAYAN ..  it was love class 2 and I was told i should comment on the post so that the post may revive.. and i did.. and it did revive.. 😃

The first comment after my comment was his.. 😃 I knew him before.. i even followed him too.. read his article on CAT and was deeply motivated.. It was then that I got noticed by him.. still nothing happened except i got to knw that he is a die hard drinker..:p

A couple of days later i posted somethng for my group ppl on RTS.. bakar mode was full on.. then.. i dont knw why.. out of nowhere i tagged him.. yes i did.. and i guess.. thats the best thing i did.. 😃 fortunately.. he was sick that day and in no mood to work.. we started off.. and in few mins it was like.. everyone else was talking to everyone else except us.. thats because we both were busy with ourselves... 😃

What struck him was my liking for bikes.. and what struck me was.. umm.. i dont know.. he just struck as a whole.. 😃

Promotion from post to pm was because he missed a chance to showoff his computer expertise.. hadnt that mistake be there we would probably be just foadbear and sanchitandon100 instead of sunny and sanchi.. 😃 its like.. everythng was falling in place for us.. like somewhere up there.. someone who controls us.. has our story already written.. 😃

Then we switched cmpletly to pm's.. i lost my interest in visiting diff threads and posts and only kept myself to pm's with him.. then came a series a promotions... 😃 from pm to hangouts then to watsapp to calls and finally to meet... 😃

I still remember.. it was our 5th day of knowing each other and we like chatted on hangout from 10 pm to 7 am.. 😃 yeah we did... I was not able to understand whats happening with me.. i kept asking myself.. Am i addicted to him.. or have i started liking him or its just infactuation... the best thing was.. this was the situation with him too.. 😃

I had never met someone so much similar to the "dream boy" or rather "the prince" that every girl has somewhere in his mind.. he was actually better than i had ever imagined my "he" would be.. We knew what was happening.. and we both were letting it to happen.. because that was how it was supposed to be..

I believed little on destiny earlier but the way we met and fell in love was so dramatic that now it seems he was destined for me.. When i told my friends about him.. most of them said that i shouldnt trust him because we have not met yet and ita just a virtual love and not real and blah blah..  I did not have even slightest of doubt on him ever because something in me used to say " its him.. like u always wanted.."

We met and it was like the perfect meet.. better than we had imagined or planned.. yess.. life with him is a fairytale.. i did not plan it but he is indeed the best decision of my life.. and m so proud of it.. 😃

P.S. jo jo shadi me nai aaega uske ghar @tourist07 se bol ke income tax ki raid padwaungi.. 😉

Many things catch your eyes. But pursue only those that capture the heart..!!!!!
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@teddybear123 soon :)

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@foadbear congrats

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