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Hi All,I am a second year MBA student as well as a Student Ambassador at the Fisher College of Business. I am majoring in Strategy. As the application for the fall 2013 session is already live, please follow this thread if you have any questions...
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Hello Everyone,

I am Anant Gupta, 2nd Year Full Time MBA at Fisher College of Business. First of all , thanks to Megha and Arjun for starting this forum. And secondly, thank you all for showing interest in Fisher.

To begin with, I see most of you ask questions which I myself used to ask when I was applying for my MBA. And I used to get answers which were so generic in nature, I could not understand why it is so difficult to answer questions which are so straightforward. But now, being on the other side of the table, I understand why it is this difficult. And the simple answer is - It is ALL RELATIVE !!

It all depends on WHO is applying in the pool that you have applied. You all have great questions to ask, but again, have you asked the right questions ? Most of the information in my experience can always be found on college websites.

So for questions like -

1. What is the average GMAT score?
2. What is the class size?
3. How many international students?
etc. can ALWAYS be found on the websites. You just have to make an effort to look for it.

Here is Fisher's webpage for that.

Coming to the second most general category of questions:

What about scholarships? Will I get funding? Will I get an admit? etc.
The answer is - It DEPENDS !! Seriously, that is what anyone would say. WHY? Because we students don't offer scholarships 😁 ( though I wish we could ) !! But I can say this, you would get what you would deserves based on the pool of applicants. And there are always chances to get something after college starts.

And the biggest question - What about JOB placements?
That is a great question. This one can be again answered by looking at US News Reports, FT, etc. And again, this is a great follow up question to ask your interviewer !! It shows your interest. We have companies coming for finances, consulting, marketing, operations, etc. Fisher has a great track in terms of career placements. Fisher's Career Management Office is one of the most efficient ones and considering that the class size is small, the focus on ensuring each admitted candidate getting a job in his desired field is high. There are companies who even sponsor H1Bs for international students. Almost all Indians in the batch of 2012 got placed - some in finance, consulting, operations to name a few. There were offers given right after internships and some got more than one offer. But is this always the case? Mostly , yes. But neither can I nor the Career management can give you an answer what is going to happen with you!! What they can tell you is - They will help you get an offer to their best.

Having said that, I would also like to state one more thing - Students who get the best offers, are the ones who have tried their best in getting what they wanted. Fisher doesn't serve offers on the platter neither do we encourage students to sit back with their hands folded, expecting the Career services to get them offer. It is a partnership. It is a 80-20 game, where 80% is YOUR effort. If you want to get into consulting, yes we have companies coming for Senior Consultant positions. And yes Fisher will prepare you. But you have to take the initiative. You have to be proactive in showing your interest and intent and more importantly, work towards getting it.

So then, you all would wonder, 'WHAT questions should we ask? This is not helping at all !' Well, here it is ( It's a secret...Keep it between us !! ) Ask questions about our EXPERIENCE. Ask about student's experience at Fisher. Ask what is special at Fisher. This is what is going to help you stand out in your interviews, your essays because it looks you have prepared.

I hope this post has helped you somewhat understand from what perspective you should be researching for your MBA colleges and not just Fisher alone. If there are any more questions, do let us know. We will try our best to help you out. And if you interested in Fisher, get used to these two words - GO BUCKS !!

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Hi Megha\Arjun,

Thank You for helping out prospective students. I am a prospect myself.
My Profile:-
GMAT-680, TOEFL-111
Work Ex- 5yrs in IT
decent acads and extra curriculars
Can you please answer my queries:-
1. What are my chances with admission and scholarships ?
2. From what sector are the major recruiters ?
3. How do international students manage their expenses there, I mean what are the opportunities to work on campus ?
4. How many people secured some sort of funding with the admissions ?
5. What is the strength of the program ?

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Hey....thk a lot for the info....

Moreover ... could you pls share info abt placements of Fisher school in Asia and more specifically India....

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To all of you interested in pursuing your MBA at the Fisher College of Business next year, autumn 2013. Our admissions committee will be visiting 4 cities in India, following are the key dates :

Mumbai: 9th to 12th Nov

Kolkata: 13th to 15th Nov

Bangalore : 15th to 17th Nov

Delhi : 17th Nov-b 20th Nov

In case you are interested in pursuing your MBA at Fisher and getting to meet and interview with an admissions executive, please get in touch with us at , we will let you know of the next steps in order to be considered

Megha Tikoo

MBA Student Ambassador

Full- time MBA Class of 2013

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Thank you Megha for starting this thread.

Dear All,

I am Arjun Sridhar, a first year Full time MBA student and a student ambassador as well. Please feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions you folks may have.

All the best for your applications and have fun!



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@Hi goan

Good to know that you are planning to apply this fall, follwoing are my answers to your questions:

1) There is no set number of Indian students that are taken every year, in my batch we were 22 of us , in the incoming batch it's much less than that. So it totally depends on the quality of students the admissions committee wants to get in.

2)All of us mostly work with the Career Planning office at Fisher.The Career Counselors send out information about companies coming to hire on campus and the positions they are coming for. Following that based on ouir intersets, we submit our resumes and other details . This is followed by interviews by invitation by the company directly. There are also many information sessions and career fairs that we get to be part of and meet and network with potential employers. It's almost a year round cycle, starting from the fall till the next year spring and then back again. Apart from thsi there are many other resources and guidance offered by the Career Planning Office at Fisher.



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@saikiran71079 :

Hi Saki,

To answer your questions in the order you asked :

1)If you look up the class profile on

the median score was 680 and the middle 80% range was from 640 to 720. Just like other B schools this is just one of the parts in the application.

2) There is an executive MBA program which is an accelerated 1 year program; it is meant for applicants with at least 7 years professional experience. The average amount of experience of the class is 12 years. You can find more details on : . There is a working professional/Part time MBA program as well but that is not accelerated and typically takes 2-5 years to complete as people enrolled into that program take only evening classes after work.

3) I cannot comment on the other schools, but at Fisher because of the excellent Career Planning office , Fisher has been having more than 95% of the graduates securing jobs within 3 months of graduation.

Hope this helps.


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hi Megha
I'm planning to apply this fall, just needed some info
1. normally on an avg how many indian students are admitted?
2. also can you throw some light on the placement procedure there
thanks in advance

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hi there Megha,

Have seen your thread too late. Could you please advise on the queries below:

1) what is the average GMAT score thatz expected for prospect?

2) Is there an accelerated program for experienced professionals?

3) Can you please advise on how are the placements this year. Heard that US has surpassed the 1.5 lacs job creation target.



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Hi All,

I am a second year MBA student as well as a Student Ambassador at the Fisher College of Business. I am majoring in Strategy. As the application for the fall 2013 session is already live, please follow this thread if you have any questions about the application process or the program in general. As we have transitioned into semesters , the deadlines for the application this year are October 15, December 1, January 5, March 5 and April 15 (this one is on a space available basis). For all the international students, the earlier you apply the better it is for your candidacy. To know more about the program, the admissions requirements, online application or to connect with Fisher in some way, you can visit our website :

We have many online information sessions lined up, following are the dates:

  • Tuesday, August 14: Noon EST
  • Thursday, August 16: 8 pm EST
  • Tuesday, August 21: Noon EST
  • Thursday, August 23: 5 pm EST
  • Hope to hear back from all the interested candidates. Will keep posting about any events or info sessions that we might have in India by our visiting admissions committee.


    Megha Tikoo

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